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I tried them all.

Updated bios, updated drivers, updated os, community folder on, off, fresh install, fresh OS install

It’s completely random. There’s no pattern whatsoever.

I can repeat the same flight 20 times with no changes, it will go well for 2 times, then CTD a couple of times, then all good for other 3, then on and off, then CTD again, etc etc.

I agree that ranting is counterproductive. But saying it’s ‘rare’ is grossly inaccurate. One look at the Xbox forums on here should tell you the problems are most certainly not ‘rare’.

And I agree with others saying that whilst you can trace a large proportion of PC issues to hardware/software clashes etc, you cannot use this as a reason for a closed system like a console.

I have owned the sim on both platforms, on both the Series S and X and the Xbox version is very much the definition of ‘unstable’.

I think all people want is some acknowledgement that there is indeed an issue or issues within the sim itself, and that work is being done to identify the problems. Saying essentially that it must be the user’s doing etc, when the evidence is there to the contrary, is extremely poor, and shortsighted, in my view.


I agree with you that not acknowledging issues with the sim is really not the best way to go. In my experience this approach only serves to inflame a situation, creates even more frustration and discontent and the underlying issues never get sorted.

There are clearly performance/CTD issues with the sim for some Xbox and PC users alike which have potentially arisen since SU 9. Maybe even before.

Denial and a refusal to accept this and not look for solutions will only make matters worse.

We and Asobo all need to openly acknowledge issues and look for ways to sort out those issues. Then hopefully we can eventually all move forward and enjoy a much improved sim which I am guessing is what most of us really want.

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They have confirmed it. That’s why they initiated a beta test program for xbox to search for CTD reasons.

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So this is confirmation, it would appear, that there is a genuine sim CTD issue which is not necessarily down to users as has been previously suggested :slightly_smiling_face:

I am guessing also that Asobo would not be conducting detailed beta testing if they thought that only a few users were affected too :slightly_smiling_face:

I have no problems with bugs in software as long as they are eventually sorted out. These things happen especially in complex software and it is very understandable.

I do, however, have concerns when there is an apparent lack of transparency and issues are ‘swept under the carpet’.

No, that has not been previously suggested. It has been suggested that a large part is down to users. And I stand by that statement, since multiple cases got solved again on Discord today (which again were either incompatible mods, Windows not updated, old GPU drivers, etc)

Only a small part of a large group are still a lot of users.

I think that it is probably best if we just agree to disagree on this.

Like yourself I also stand by my comments and having made them I will move on :slightly_smiling_face:

I am a little astounded that you so steadfastly stick to the “if it is the sim, it is a bad mod or conflicting software like antivirus”. Jorg has very patently said that yes, there are severe stability issues with XBox. There is a whole flighting going on right now with enhanced diagnostics to capture memory and other data when a crash happens on XBox, in order to be able to determine what is going on. How do you explain that flighting for XBox if it obviously like you say and its totally the XBox users who have bad mods or bad software?

Just as a little background, I was originally an XBox user. But with all the crashes on XBox, over time more and more of my addons would stop working on XBox, you would purchase things on the Marketplace and not know if they would work or not. I got tired. I spent most of my last month trying to diagnose problems on XBox. I isolated and was able to replicate some problems. For example, if you have a city landmarks package like Chicago, NYC, or London, and also have the enchanced night lighting for that city loaded, trying to take off near the city will result in a CTD. You can however fly out of an airport a sufficient ways away from the city, then fly into the city at night, and see both addons work. This works perfectly fine on PC.

Other bugs are flying on XBox for a while, some users experience severe stutters after a while in flight. One bug I am able to reproduce on PC, do a leg of a bush trip. On the status screen that shows you total flight time and total take offs and landings, sit on that page for 15 minutes or so. Go get coffee, make lunch. Now try to Continue the bush trip from there. You will be flying the next leg at about 10FPS making it extremely unflyable. I can fly a whole bush trip in one sitting perfectly fine. But if I complete a leg and stay idle on the leg status screen for any segment of time longer than 10 minutes, then the sim becomes unusable. Doesnt matter what bush trip it is. It does this with the default ones too.

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