Discussion + Poll: World Update VI (

You need to install the Xbox App in Microsoft Store first, then go to the MSFS 2020 product page and it will automatically start downloading.

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doesn’t work for me neither. finally detected update after pressing Get Updates

In the past, opening the product page was enough to triggering it.

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With great trepidation, I installed this latest update, held my breath and clicked FLY …

By golly it works better than SU5! That annoying scenery pop-in has gone in 2D and also VR, the latter now working after a bit of research and finding this same setting for VR needs to be manually modified in the UserOptions.cfg file. Performance is nice and smooth and I no longer need to use a RAMDisk to achieve this.

So far, winner winner, chicken dinner :smiley:


CTDs on Xbox long hauls approaching arrival airport are still rampant and extremely annoying after 8h in flight.

As well as instrument blackouts.

The WU itself is nice, but the same old bugs on the Xbox side for every long flight are getting irritating.

Seems very much like a memory leak that has continued to go unaddressed.

After 4 hours in new version, my opinion.
Everything updated in around 1 hour. 4 hours flying including 2 flights in Busth Trips Austria, a short flight in A32NX from LPPT to LPFR. and 3 other short flights with 3 different airplanes from MSFS. Several addons on Community folder (32GB of addons).
Everything on Ultra, perfect graphics, great FPS around 45-50 FPS, no CTD, Off Screen Terrain Cache always on Ultra, means, for me a huge progress after disaster of last SU.
PC specs:
I9 3900K - 32GM RAM - GPU 3080 - Thurstmaster Airbus Edition - Screen 4K (LG TV 42).
From my side I’m totally happy with this update after the terrible SU5.
Thanks ASOBO, this time great job.


Without flying since the SU5+ hotfixes, I downloaded and installed WU6 without a problem. After more than 3 hours of VRF flight in some places in Brazil, I can say that I am satisfied.

No stuttering, no CTDs and great performance. All in Ultra.

My configuration:

  • Windows 10
  • i7-8700 3.2GHz
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • GTX 1060 6GB
  • Track IR5

Ps: MSFS Steam


I got 1 CTD without error while adjusting the barometer on Grand Caravan…

Could not download from store. Gave up and did a full reinstall, 165Gb this time.
Still some terrain load in errors in the ilse of Man. This was a known problem area. All other areas seem fine.
Plane controls are much better again. WU5 had small amounts of yaw throwing planes like a wrestling match.

Cpu looks like taking more of the load.
GPU a couple of degrees lower not much. For some reason trees detail was better graphically in medium over ultra.

I love the bug over St James in Newcastle, England. Plane gets thrown up to 7000ft similar to the Devil’s tower bug in WA, USA. Please never fix this one.

A vast improvement over WU5. I think we all got bored with the comments on the forum. Hopefully this sort people out.

If we have a WU7, can we please not use the MS store for updates. Second WU for me, and each time I have had to do a full reinstall.


Hi there Asobo,

I got the app-not-updating-from-Store issue but once resolved, everything went fine.
Pretty solid & smooth update. Good performance.

Two things to mention that are still not resolved.

  • Raymarched reflections are awful in VR. Any vertical head movement makes them jitter abnormally. Very annoying to the point that I have to disable them.

  • Flight path is still absent in the VFR map from my Iceland bush trip second-half .

Outside of this, performance is super nice in my VR setup.

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This update INSTALL was awful! Not only was this whole Xbox thing a debacle to have to download, but this 2GB update hung at 98%. After closing and re-opening MSFS it now says 60GB required to download! Unbelievable…

My Findings after Flying for 3 hours here are my findings:
Install 0/10
Close up Graphics 9/10
Distance Graphics 7/10
CPU memory usage 7/10
GPU memory usage 8/10
Shimmering 9/10
Screen Popping 8/10
Brightness 8/10
Clouds 6/10
Only done VFR flights and Demo flights
This update is better than update 5 for sure
The update process is the worst I have even seen.
Overall 7.5/10 not counting bugs, weather, aircraft and instruments. " Not tested"


Same here, always CTD while trying to decompress fs-base-0.1.187.fspatch. This is the first time for me to have CTD while updating. Does anybody have a solution for this? Thank you.

Are you install also the upgrade from market place?


shimmering are still here , feels sad

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I takes forever to restart a landing challenge, maybe the servers are too busy) I disabled the rolling cache, it’s downloading stuff slowly while loading) Why does it need to reload everything from scratch. Anyway Qol issue, just do it right the first time…

I will not be surprised that this picture in picture with a clear sky, eats up my FPS…as if the shader scaling is broken

It’s not a matter of “knowing”, like one might know a fact. But the simple fact is that overclocks cause MSFS to CTD. Period. And it needn’t affect all programs. It’s entirely possible that some people who are experiencing CTDs, and refuse to disable their overclocks (or, specifically with RAM, don’t even know they have one), are affected only with MSFS problems, which may be why they won’t turn them off.

They figure it’s not causing problems with other apps, so it simply cannot be the problem with MSFS.

But they are wrong.


Only noticed a very few shimmers on bridges.
Running mostly Ultra and High Frame Rate 40fps
CPU i9-9900K
GPU RTX-2070

You have to install and run the XBox app, see post before yours!