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I was specifically responding to what you wrote:

You are comparing another companies imagery with a city that isn’t even a PG one. If you don’t have PG, then you have autogen, which is what your second image shows.

I managed to get the update from MS store, but I can’t get the photogrammetry working on Vienna.

You haven’t downloaded the actual world update 6 in the main MSFS home menu. (around 5gig). I had the same problem before manually installing the WU6.

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Oh well, since you asked for it, here is the difference.

Cropped and all pixels quadrupled (no tricks, no compression)

Top rendered at 1080p on a 1080p monitor (render scale 100)
Bottom rendered at 4K on a 1080p monitor (render scale 200)
Both with TAA.

If AA worked perfectly both images would be the same since the output resolution is the same. What it shows is the lack of precision in TAA creating a soft out of focus effect at render scale 100, making it harder to read the instruments.

Here’s the original scale version in case imgur doesn’t work
100 vs 200 original scale


As told before there is no Autogen cause of the message that I don´t have a internet connection. I tried logging out and logging back in. I started directly from scratch, I stated via X-Box App on the PC. Nothing, no internet, no Marketplace, no update (just in case there was another one) And yes Hamburg is no Photogrammetry City. But before the Update at least it looked like a city. Now I have yellow, red and other colored Cartoon Houses

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I had to double check in case I make a fool of myself, and no, it wasn’t. Unless Asobo have got in to the habit of removing PG. Yes, it’s true I think there was the case with Southhampton/Portsmouth the one time. :wink:

From the release notes, Hamburg gets a coupe of handcrafted POI’s but that’s it:

Hand-Crafted Points of Interest

  • Elbphilarmonie (Hamburg)
  • Volksparkstadion (Hamburg)

True, but look here. I really don´t know what I can do. Nothing worked.

And more bugs for the existing game

That’s a separate issue, and not one you can blame on the update specifically. There are a few things you can try here. One is to shut the sim down, fire up the XBox Companion App, and log out of the XBox network. Then log back in again.

There is also a procedure for updating Gaming Services, though I’m not 100% certain this is applicable in this instance.

Hamburg was definitely a photogrammetry city before.

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This exact process worked for me too!! This clearly does work and wasn’t a coincidence

Update was fine. Had Deluxe Premium but download speed was good.
Cleared cache and flew the Icon5 on the Rhine this morning.
Everything went well.

I´ll give it a try, otherwise no JU 52 :frowning: But on the other Hand I decided not to buy anymore from the Marketplace. Asobo has an update for a scenery that did not work after the last update from the Developer since the 21 of July and they did not uploadet it yet

So they removed the PG data for it?

I checked with the Windows Bing app, and it doesn’t seem to be the case. Other than the odd tower block, the majority of the city is flat.

But I don’t want to download and install WU6 :sweat_smile:. I haven’t downloaded any world update to date. If I need to download and install every update my drive would quickly flow over… Also, Rijeka (Croatia) isn’t part of the update I believe? I have the same spikes there…

Hamburg was PG though lol

There is no space problem, I got my own M2 for FS with 2 TB

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What are you talking about. Hamburg was always PG from the very beginning, which is also the reason why its NOT included in the official list of cities that were made PG in WU6…

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Zero CTDs before SU5, nothing overclocked, plenty of RAM/CPU/GPU resources available

All kinds of CTDs after SU5, occurring in different situations, mostly in the world map and after ending a flight while returning to the main menu (and very rarely mid-flight, I remember only one mid-flight CTD)

So my “user error” must have been updating then, don’t you agree?

Haven’t really used, so I still have to see how thing develop

After installing the main 2.5 GB update, did you go to the Marketplace and download the additional 5 GB of content for Germany/Austria/Switzerland? Until you do that, you do not actually have all of WU6 installed.

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