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I should not have to read this forum at all in order to get an update installed.

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Hi @Buddywoof3669, I’m reading all the thread from beginning and would like to react to your last post and try to explain to you what’s wrong :nerd_face:

Render Scale 100% don’t mean 1080p, you have wrong here. It mean one pixel rendered equal one pixel displayed, AKA 1:1. So 100% is always your native resolution, could be 1080p, 4K, 1440p, etc.

So when you raise 100%, let’s say 200%, it will render more pixels then your display and will “stretch” the rendered picture into the native resolution display (so 2:1). It’s a really efficient way to do Anti-Aliasing, at the cost of GPU resource. It’s more efficient than TAA for example.

It’s heavily used for VR headset with low resolution like my Oculus Rift CV1, 1080x1200 per eyes, and show a very big improvement, image is far more crisp. When a game allow me to raise the render scale I can even remove all other AA methods (like in Elite Dangerous).

I hope it’s clear! :slightly_smiling_face:


Bielefeld doesn’t exist… :rofl:


After short flight EDDS - EDDF with FBWA320. The overall graphics plus performance are A M A Z I N G.

There are also issues:
Shouldn’t EDDS have jetways?

DId they really build these lightsystems on the runaway?

Trees right by runaway and on the threshold 07L EDDF?


I have done that alreay but it makes no difference.
I dit everything but the spikes stay there on takeoff from runway 8.
After i fly over the spikes they are gone, but every takeoff they are there again.

Ok, you guys keep believing your monitor can display higher than native resolution. I’m done here. We can agree to disagree. :slight_smile:

Try to disable mods to make sure. I am not seeing this when flying in EDDF.

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I didn’t have scenery popping up after SU5, but I have it on medium now. When I set the setting higher the performance sucks. And now? This update with the new setting is ■■■■.

FINALLY, it works. First I have deleted everything I could fin with an X- in front. Reinstalled the X-Box App logged in and let it untouched fired up the sim, crossed fingers (very important) and there it was in all its Glory. Hamburg as I know it with all the Buildings looking good (in the City) so I could find my way. BUT I also think that there where some Server Problems on this side of the Pond.


Congrats! I don’t think you need to have the XBox app open to launch it, just to update. I’ve shut it down, and the sim still launches okay.

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You’re right, we can disagree :wink: Anyway, please spend few minutes here:


So far no CTDs from various flights i have done so far. Thank you! This is different than SU5 when I had a lot of CTDs until hotfix fixed only some of them. I hope the stability, for me, holds. I know it is not a fix for all. Would have been nice to see more bug fixes from SU5 (i.e. Broken “Toggle Spoiler” still not fixed that SU5 broke).

The graphics are improved a bit over SU5 downgrade but still short of what we had pre-SU5

World map bug is still there:

LOL. Sure, I’ll run 4K on my 1080p monitor and imagine it works.

Yeah, let’s end it here. Agree to disagree.

that is because your keyboard mapping is corrupt. You need to set your keyboard to “default” and re-assign them. It will fix the World map zoom key issue.


Are they in the bugs list of the dev update?

I understand what you’re saying and in the grand scheme of things it may in fact be insignificant. But, for some of us, or at minimum in my own experience, I don’t want any process or service running on my system that does not have to be running before I launch the simulator. I don’t want the Adobe notifier application, the Java updater, or any other background processes like Steam, iTunes, or even the Microsoft Office Click-to-Run attempting to update my office suite while I’m running the simulator. It’s all about eliminating unnecessary network traffic, cpu cycles, and consumption of RAM by unneeded tools. Not sure if this gives any perspective, but, you have my two cents for what it’s worth.

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Just because you do not understand how supersampling works, does not mean it does not work. the higher internal render resolution can be used to remove artifacts / aliasing when the picture is downsampled afterwards to fit into the resolution that is being displayed by the screen. This is also the same thing the other way around 80% render resolution on a 4k monitor just means you lose a little bit of image quality when the picture is finaly stretched to your screen resolution.


That’s why I upload the images to Imgur in PNG format, which is a lossless compression format with identical results to the raw image data (for example BMP format) at 4:4:4 RGB right from the screen buffer as it appears on screen.

The cropped images I uploaded directly to this forum do indeed get lossy jpeg compression of which you can see the artifacts if you look closely. Hence quadrupling the pixels to combat the lossy compression artifacts. However the PNG images on Imgur are exactly as displayed on the monitor.

If you look in General settings where you set the render scale you can see what the render resolution is when you change the render scale. It is also displayed in the fps stats in developer mode.

For example (old screenshot from SU5)

It says Render 2880x1620 and output 1920x1080.
That’s my monitor’s native resolution 1920x1080 with render scale 150 (1.5 x 1080)

The game renders at 1620p then resamples down to 1080p. This gives sharper and more detail as sub pixel detail that would not show up at 1080p render, now gets blended in to the final result. It’s the same as an 70mm movie gets scanned in at 8K, mastered in 4K then downsampled to 1080p on blu-ray. (And looks phenomenal, Baraka and Samsara got that treatment) You get far more detail than if you started with a 1080p scan.

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You can keep imagining what you like to imagine, :wink: can’t stop you from doing that. If you want anti-aliasing, use anti-aliasing instead of trying to run 4K resolutions on your 1080 monitor which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.

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If you went through the list it would rival War and Peace. Asobo can’t handle it.