Discussion + Poll: World Update VI (

brilliant. started now. Thank you, you should get a job with Microsoft!

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Have you tried logging out and back in to the xbox app?

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Cleanup in the update isle… great work moderators! :wink:

All updated here in UK on my XBox X. Looking forward to seeing what’s changed.

Installing right now…

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ahh, makes sense.
maybe a more recent photogrammetry for NYC will help then.

No update in MSFS store even using USA Seattle VPN

The cache fix is a big improvement in VR (after manually setting it in the config file!). When compared to SU4 I still see a bit of pop in on rapid head move but significantly better than SU5 :+1:

Next please fix the VR aliasing and water reflections :nose:


I’m on Xbox so don’t think that applies does it? Thanks for your help by the way and much appreciated!
I did just manage to load into Frankfurt on the runway and not a gate but with live traffic off and live weather but if that’s what I need to do it kind of defeats the object.
Oh well will soldier on and try to find things that do work :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Try rebooting and go directly to the MSFS page in MS Store.

It still hasn’t fixed the multiplayer. It’s unbearable to play multiplayer. This makes the game uninteresting in the long run!

still not avalable on MS Store!

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The graphics pre-cache slider is indeed only for 2D, but it’s been confirmed that in the userconfig. file there is a setting for this in VR as well, it just didn’t make it’s way to the on-screen menu in the VR graphics area…so some users have changed the setting in that userconfig. file from 0 to 1 to activate the new caching option and set it to ‘3’ to make it Ultra…I haven’t seen them report back yet on the in-sim results of this but it’s promising as a workaround. Also, the forum manager acknowledged this question about the lack of a menu option for VR and passed it along to MS/Asobo. If it’s indeed in the code and we can work around it that’s great, but how does something like this escape the QA process when that graphics feature (presumably for 2D and VR) was talked about publicly so much.


For those who are still struggling, this worked for me AFTER doing their “Part 1” troubleshooting. https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4405345181202

Update didn’t show up, then quickly installed Xbox app, restarted, and voila, worked, as Jane said, now finalizing the World update download in the cont manager.

And after a sim restart, trying to plan a route via de world map again CTD. Grrrrrr 3 sessions 3 CTD’s


It could have been worse, some are waiting since January :roll_eyes:

It feels as if there is no one working on any VR code in the game at all anymore!?


what are these graphics all about? the state of them trees!!! ffs

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A complete list of all new POIs somewhere? I have to see which castles, airfields, churches, villages I now have twice.

For those unable to update on PC: I followed the part I and part II instructions.

The one instruction that fixed it was to install Xbox app (Get) and then PLAY MSFS from inside the XBox app. Just loading the XBox app was not sufficient. You had to Play from inside the Xbox app (which just really launches the PC app.)

Once I had done that, the store Downloads and Updates showed MSFS after pressing Get Updates.