Discussion + Poll: World Update VI (

yes, i do all of these 3 options. i started on a runway or in the air with a GA plane. But also (in the Air) with the Airbus

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I was going by reviews posted by sim users who tested the world update. I don’t read too much into ratings since most people who are unhappy will vote while those happy with the sim can’t be bothered to vote that it’s working fine.

Fair enough.

I just want to thank the team for all the work and dedication they\re putting into the Microsoft Flight Simulator !

It is amazing witnessing you tackling so many issues and also creating an absolutely fantastic world on such a complex platform that requires multidimensional approach and knowledge of multiple fields of science.

WORLD UPDATE 6 has been one of my favorites thus far, with the improved performance especially in the heavy multiplayer environment that includes the live traffic, as well !
Framerates are more consistent, the memory allocation works great, everything is paged correctly and loaded into the scene seamlessly even when with fast camera panning in a dense urban environment - both at high +15.000ft altitudes and as low as 500ft - it just works splendidly !

Update process went smoothly, for me personally as always uneventful. Added software tips as well as the safe mode is such a surprising addition that shall go a long way for all of those who suffer issues, yet it will also be a valuable quality of life tool for all of us.

It has been a great ride so far and I surely expect more of it !

Je vous souhaite à tous le meilleur !


So been flying around the Alps in VR on the Discovery flight. Absolutely breathtaking! The new mesh looks amazing. Obviously some parts where the overlay gets stretched with some vertical cliffs, but overall looks brilliant.

I can confirm that editing the config file for the VR settings for off screen caching DOES work. And I can report that I could see little performance degredation as a result, which is good news. I see no popping etc.

Terrain morphing is, however, still a thing, although that bug is logged here:


This solution seems to work for most people:



Still very bright!!! I can’t see a slider neither.

Same experience here - the update is great, and the update process easy.

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Did you buy them from the in-sim marketplace or an eternal publisher?

Yes the pre-caching setting is magic. Been testing a number of different scenarios and the performance is night and day compared to SU5. PG and LOD are definitely improved as well. Now hopefully the update / install process is given some attention, as are some of the long-standing bugs.

Well done team, and thanks for listening.


Innsbruck update

Look like Insbruck is waking up in the morning :joy::partying_face:


From the in-sim Marketplace.

Clear your rolling cache, didn’t see those at innsbruck


Man, the issues keep coming for me!! Now I’m having trouble with pushing back the plane! Any one else having this problem?

It seems to just not do anything, until it shoots the plane back, I just don’t understand how this dev can delay an update, and it STILL has game breaking bugs!! Asobo, just wrap it up. Give the reigns over to someone who can competently develop a sim…

Is this LOWI too? Just about to check, but rolling cache likely the culprit as @bearvsbunny says

Pushback works fine here. Are you running any mods?

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Unfortunately, these addons are not free. If they were free I would advice you to get a copy from an external publisher. These addons from eternal publishers install usually in the community folder and are more frequently updated.

Thanks for this but this is utterly ridiculous.