Discussion + Poll: World Update VI (

I wonder if size of the German bundle alone also differs because on content manager it says 5gb but after download my ssd is filled with another 10GB.

Totally agree. Germany looks much greener usually.
Also scenery contains too long shadows and is noisy like hell.
In some areas trees are completely missing.

And the trees of the new photogrametry cities i dont even want to mention.

Can’t vote because it’s another successfully managed rollout. Can’t launch as there a mandatory update, but no update available in store. So tired of this bull ■■■■.


The default binding for Zoom is the mouse wheel for me. So it may be the mouse config is hosed, not keyboard.

The pre-caching is doing its job for me. Even when it’s set to “High” I’m still getting the stuttering and audio popping and crackling that started with SU5 when I pan around my aircraft in external view or when I look around with Track IR5 while in the cockpit.

But with the pre-caching set to Ultra, all that goes away and I’m getting a super smooth simming experience, running in the mid 40s FPS with almost everything set to 200/Ultra.

So the pre-caching was a huge fix for most of the problems I was having, but only when set to Ultra.

woo hoo! :sunglasses:

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Yeah I wouldn’t even bother trying to explain what SSAA is, it’s a lost cause.

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Excellent posts with screenshots with proof of super sampling. The effect is subtle, but it’s there.


Walk away like me. After 13 months why would I think anything will ever work and bugs will be few.

Did you definitelty download the world update from the marketplace? People are reporting that they have the spikes if they didn’t do that

Oh no, the switching ground texture bug still persists, just now in other locations.
Seems to wander back and forth with each WU. Now it’s in the UK.

I really miss the Heidelberg Castle :frowning:


Yes, it’s call anti-aliasing and I would use it over trying to run 4K on your 1080P monitor.

No the sliders are only there because more than 2xSSAA at 4k would be futile. So you have steps inbetween. And what is 2 x SSAA @ 1080p?
Right, 2 x 1920 = 3840 and 2 x 1080 = 2160. Who would have thought… 2 x SSAA @ 1080p… is 4k… But it doesn’t work.

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I think Asobo is doing like CD Projekt Red, they absolutely have to release the updates following the development roadmap. Asobo should do like BeamNG, no date and no constraints, and the game will take all the time needed for it to work.

Oh, it is my fault, I was using an incompatible addon it is not ASOBO’s faul lol! I just thought it was funny xD

sadly this is an old known, issue the one with that major drastically change in speed when using real weather, but particularly happens when there is bad weather from my previous experience.

This is true but it is still being rendered in 1080p due to the physical limitation of your the monitor. It doesn’t work is right. Upscaling works great if you run at lower than native resolution then scale up in which case you might as well run at native resolution and keep scaling to 100% which was the gist of my original post.

The issue was only mine because of a mod I had hahaha it is not because of the update, I just thought it was funny

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I also bump up my render detail but I edit the .cfg for a precise micro-bump and it’s worth the 4-5fps it costs.

I however use SecondaryScaling at X 1.111111 to take my 5760x1080 to close enough for my videocard to 6400x1200

Edit: after playing with the numbers I’m now wondering if I should make that last one a 2???, the sim already see’s it as 6400x1200 fine???

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First IFR flight in TBM 930 Calgary to Vancouver impression running 2K rendering 100%.
If you are running the simulator do not start EVGA Precision X1 it will crash your flight sim to the desktop.

Visuals much improved leaving Calgary

Approaching the mountains. Using ATC which is working and altitude is correct.

Over the mountains visuals much better than before

Clouds still need some work not like prior to update 5.

Another example

Approach to Vancouver the airport is to bright?

Final thoughts much improved flight simulator 8/10 “Have not tested other aircraft”