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Has anyone else got this error when coming OUT of VR and then trying to go back in again.? .its 100% repeatable for me

…HP reverb G2 ONLY since the latest update

XPlane no issues at all…

Only an FS restart will cure it …VERY irritating…

Both AMD and Nvidia uses the rescaling technique. AMD call it VSR.
You can read about it here https://www.amd.com/en/technologies/vsr

So if you have the GPU power you can render the image at a higher res and rescale it to you monitors res along with a preffered antialiasing method.
look here AMD's Virtual Super Resolution Explained [Worth Enabling?]

I agree with you, I’d laugh if someone was telling me this!

However, I can assure you your monitor can display a more accurate signal if you’re downscaling a 4K render into a 1K display, and actually, this is the minimum downscaling necessary to accurately sample the signal:

NB: antialiasing only consists in finding ways to sample the signal at a lower frequency than the Nyquist one in order to save computational power, while trying to minimize the sampling error, but it can’t fully eliminate the error.


I’d just use SSAA.

I’m happy for you, one could say it was already on “Ultra” in SU4 and lower versions :smiley:

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Because it looks better, but by now, we all know what you are doing here… I just won’t say it, somehow the moderators don’t like it when you state the obvious.

Supersampling - Wikipedia

Aliasing is manifested in the case of 2D images as moiré pattern and pixelated edges, colloquially known as “jaggies”. Common signal processing and image processing knowledge suggests that to achieve perfect elimination of aliasing, proper spatial sampling at the Nyquist rate (or higher) after applying a 2D Anti-aliasing filter is required. As this approach would require a forward and inverse fourier transformation, computationally less demanding approximations like supersampling were developed to avoid domain switches by staying in the spatial domain (“image domain”).

In other words, AA is just one part of the entire process to accurately sample the signal, but it helps a lot.


What exactly am I doing here? You thought it, and implied it, you might as well say it. If it looks better, by all means use it.

The Eifel Area looked so much better BEFORE the update. Normaly it is a wonderful green landscape. Now there are also many tree issues and different colors. And dry brown landscape everywhere…

Got it fixed (from another forum )
uncheck use latest preview version in OpenXR for windows
Hope that helps someone
Bill P

There is something wrong here. Give me a town near by and I will post a screenshot.

Yeah, and then people would be complaining why we aren’t getting regular updates…

You can’t even try to run 4K on your 1080P monitor, even if you wanted to it is simply not supported. Those who set render scaling above 100% are not “trying to run 4K on their 1080P monitor”, they are using one way (of many possible ways) of configuring anti-aliasing. There is no toggle box in the game to enable or disable SSAA, we use the render scaling slider instead to achieve that effect.

Where you struggle with this is that you do not understand the two parts of what the render scaling slider does when you set it to above 100%. You get the first part correctly, it causes the GPU to render more pixels internally. You do not get the second part, that the GPU then uses those internally rendered pixels to get better quality in the final resampling to your monitor’s native resolution.


no angst, just an unnecessary app. Its a bug.

You’ve not been looking in the right places for angst :grin: Try these, for example…


Sight of the city skyline from afar - this is a really really nice addition. Here flying from Stapleford in NE London, you’d never see the skyline from there prior to this update.


I have the same problem. The whole area of the EDER airport looks like this. The lack of trees is also found in many other regions of Germany.

The game doesn’t offer SSAA, and render scale 200 is the same as 2xSSAA.

Super sampling anti aliasing = rendering at double the resolution then down sampling

Or watch this slide show

Anyway it seems you understand the benefit of SSAA, now you only need to take the step to realizing that SSAA is rendering 4x the pixels (for example 2160p) to display the mathematical average of those pixels (for example 1080p)


I don’t want to be arrogant or smart in any kind, but if this is really a MSFS problem, how come I, and many other users don’t have any problems?
The sim runs flawless on my rig, even after hours of flying.
So, If this really was Asobo or MS’s fault, everybody should have the same problem i guess?


Side question, does your GPU fan spike to full during a flight? I have a 2080ti and it never spiked to full takeoff power until recently.