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ı am experiencing crash to desktop over China when i reach from the west on long flights.

Well, I somehow get the icing on the fuselage when temp is set subzero, but i had it since day one of release. That’s why it eludes me what could be more about the icing effect.

In fact, I’m rather more interested in the airport ground surfaces covered with ice, is that possible too, at least visually, or efficaciously making the airliner skid off the tarmac ?

Ils in fbw brings the plane about 3 nm in front of the airport.
The distance to the airport on the radar and the fmc differs by about 3 nm.
I don’t know what’s with this

In the end I think one of the dev/stable A32NX mods caused the problem.

Switching mod install fixed the issue.

Like like still has Memory Leaks, but maybe its an improvement in this area, vs previous versions.


Do we need to download the WHOLE update (26GB) again, for the NAV-update from today?
Nav-update: Small update - Navdata (January)



We don’t. My download was 1GB, and the following folders were updated:


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Seems to be random, see and hear people who get a 26 GB update and like you the intended 1 GB…

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I’m getting the small update as well. The patch notes still state everything from the previous update.

Did you get the 1GB update? Steam, or MS Store?

Latest update (8/1/21) only touched the AIRAC files. The issue that users have with having to redownload the whole last update is being investigated


Steam version. The update was in the game installer though, shouldn’t it be the same from there?

Just out of curiosity, where was this originally posted?

I got this 1gig update completed. Funny thing tho, I still can not do the challenge landings due to “missing content” and after sure seems like a lot unnecessary ATC chatter… maybe just me.

I have absolutely HAD IT with the Installation Manager issue where the same file keeps cycling over and over again. I’m stuck on file 2/4, which has gotten up to ~700MB downloaded only to reset to 0%. This issue has plagued many of us since launch and NO, I will NOT get NetLimiter because I SHOULDN’T @!&%# HAVE TO. It is absolutely sickening how a simulator that’s so breathtaking to play can have an installation experience that’s so putrid for months.


the small update was just an AIRAC update, to bring the navigation data up to date.

as for the challenges, just make sure that you don’t have any mods that affect the aircraft in the challenge, in your community folder, as that will trip it up. move any mods that might affect the challenge out of the way temporarily while you do the challenge(s)

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That’s you decision of course. But how did you successfully download, and install the previous patches without that?

It was weird. This was my second flight after the update. Flying into Anchorage. The ATC, every 5s started requested random altitude changes. Then had about 15 call outs that I was cleared to land. Almost posted about it last night but decided to test. It was the only time and I’ve done several flights since. Glitch in the Matrix I guess…

I haven’t had any issues using the SDK for scenery design (I’ve been working on an airport for the last week). What were you trying to do?

Did you shut down and restart after installing the update?

Always make sure to restart after an update is installed. Which makes sense, since they are installing files that probably don’t get read into the game, since they don’t have functionality for rereading many of the files in the installation. Some files, like textures, but, no config files get reread after launch.

Here same problem