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Ai just beautifully executed a well managed landing at NZWN following the pattern given by the tower. :rofl:


Getting some strange “pyramid” style scenery anomalies around EGGP in the UK that’s I’ve never seen before. Can anyone else confirm this?


Jumped into a game. As soon as my engine comes on, I see taxi ribbons, even though I haven’t done anything yet. Don’t even have a flight plan loaded. But there it is.

Now that’s annoying.

Ho, Ho, Ho,

just read the release notes. It reads like a book. If what is described there will also be there and works, I have to say “Hats off” (that’s how we say it in Germany), then Asobo has sweetened our Christmas party again despite all the bad things in the world. They did a great job there. If the update is now installed, I don’t have time to write here …

All of you out there, have a quiet, peaceful Christmas and stay healthy!



Is ir me or they changed the way rudder works with xbox controller?!

Triggers are now acting like buttons…

Ex: if i pressed 2 sec on right rudder i have to press 2 sec left rudder to get back to neutral…

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When seeing black stencils in your Oculus view:

Update to the latest version of the Oculus software. If that doesn’t work:

  1. Go to the Oculus Debug tool (Default folder should be C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics)
  2. Open the Oculus Debug Tool
  3. Turn the option “Use FOV Stencil” to Off
  4. Disable/enable VR in MSFS

If you see yellow, try to recenter the view.


loadingtimes are 50% longer than before?! I wait wait wait… With an M.2… wow -.-

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Hope it fixes the download issue.

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I am seeing this too, in Canada.


RL airliners updates are obviously limited to software and not aerodynamic behaviour, even though there have been examples of that as well (like additions of winglet devices etc).
FLC in the TBM works fine for me. I’ve never had a CTD, any install “difficulties”. Obviously, there have been shortcomings with aerodynamic behaviour, autopilots, instruments etc, but mods help a lot.
It is ok to have higher standards. Perhaps the product isn’t right for you. Or at least yet.


Is the game not working in the moment?
I wait for 10 mins now in the loading-screen?

not working. I have the same issue

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The Yellow screen issue seems to be related to HDR. If you get this you most likely have HDR enabled in Windows and need to switch this to OFF.

Is that ice? How did you get that to work? I’ve been setting very cold temps and the water is still liquid.

Thank´s for the update. Here is very good.

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Took so long to get the filters. THANK GOD. As a software developer myself I was thinking what is going on that I need to scroll indefinitely to find what’s not updated and/or installed?

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Am I too dumb for VR? :smiley: I click on VR-Mode and it tells me to press VR Camera reset, but I have no clue which button it is, also I can’t assign any button it In the menu

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Yes getting them in Edinburgh also

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Spacebar, I believe

Pimax 8k - Switching to VR mode crashes the program for me? Anyone else having this problem

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