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@DaveBGaming, that’s not it at all. They don’t care a wit about selling the actual consoles, since they lose money for each one they sell. They sell about selling software (mostly in the form of subscriptions), and having the product on XBox is going to result in millions of such sales, and ongoing ones, too, as kids get older and all of a sudden THEY’RE interested in having MSFS in their stockings for xmas.

So, why do we PC users care? Simple. It will pay for a LOT of developers to continue to develop for that decade we’ve already been promised. And don’t think they’re going to handcuff the PC version, either, if they were, it wouldn’t already have the Community folder, and the capabilities that it brings to the table. Rather, as soon as we’re done being beta testers, we’ll get our LOD back (and MORE!), and future development will likely concentrate on PC stuff, because once the XBox version is “in the can” there’s only so much you can do with it, especially given the fact that they’re stuck with the hardware as it exists at launch for at least 5 years or so.

Bottom line is that it’s all kinds of good news on many different levels, you gotta just read in between the lines a bit…


I had that issue too. Restarting sim fixed it for me but that obviously doesn’t work for everyone.

Anyone having issues with live traffic after Update3?
I used to see live traffic (not liveries matched most of the time), but after the update, especially in UK, Ireland and EU, there are no planes landing or taking off. I tried the following:

  1. Sim off and on
  2. Made sure I was online and had the auto server selected ()Eastern USA) with latency of about 40-50
  3. Made sure I had real time traffic selected with no data limits

MSFS team sent me a reply in email which was already what I had done but still no luck.
I dont have that issue in any of the USA airports where I see several flights in and out of most major airports I fly from.

Any suggestions would be appreciated except cursing the sim itself or Asobo or MS!!!. There has been enough of that already, LOL

I had plenty of live traffic this morning, flying around the Kuwait area.

I was even forced to go around by one airliner that refused to fate on time. I even extended my downwind to compensate, and have now made a mental note not to turn to base until I hear ATC tell them to contact ground.

Stutter problem totally solved with this following solution:

Not at all solved. I followed that procedure, and still get the stuttering, but perhaps less often. More flights are needed.

To save anyone watching a video where a 10 second email will do, here is my post explaining what to do. But it’s no miracle worker.

Was playing around with a lot of settings restating and still getting CTD when hit the fly button no matter what i did, suddenly last night the update screen had come up again (this is 10 days after the initial update) and completed the update and is working fine now.

Not sure what has happened here as i have had the laptop in different locations on different internet but is working awesome now.

Appreciate everyone’s comments cheers


no it’s not people need to stop linking that bs video smh


Sensitivity as to each key press.

Very true, anyone that says no issues just try t76, they will then see that yes they are affected by this

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I lock mine at 45FPS in the Nvidia control panel. Works fine.

I did it, and it didn’t fix the issue - but, it didn’t hurt anything either.

Unless you use a touch sensitive MIDI keyboard .!!

Midi keyboard control of MSFS – now there is an APP just waiting to be written.

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You press a key it sends a signal, you hold the key down it keeps sending the signal. The length of time you press (trim buttons) is how much trim you apply. You press up trim for 1 sec, and then press down trim for a 1/2 sec. There is a difference. Sorry, it has worked this way in FS for as long as I can remember…

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You just described a square wave.

No I was describing the way the keys work in game. HA! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That is not quite true I think. When you press a key the device sends a KeyPress event. When you release the key it sends a KeyRelease event. It does not send a continuous signal, but rather two events (spikes if you will). Of course the software can make use of the time delay between the two events.

Dont know what the principal is, but that is how it’s always worked in FS series. You hold trim key down for 1 min and want to undo what you just did just a key press wont undo it, it has to be a key press equal to the time of the opposing key press.

There was an excellent tutorial on this back in the FS9 days (well it was a take off tutorial), but he went into this fact and I have always found it to work this way. If you watch your trim wheel while you pressing the keys you can see it in its effect.

Sure, the sim just keeps moving the trim wheel until the KeyRelease event is released. But there is, with traditional keyboards anyway, a difference between a lightly pressed key or a firmly pressed key. That would be nice, pressing the key a little bit would move the trim wheel slightly, while pressing it more enthusiastically would move the trim wheel with a greater amount.