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Final Thoughts on LDA correction.

95% Better, but still the MSFS Flight Planner is messing up on publiished approached.

The LDA 19 Y (as shown on the Flight Planner or VFR Map) still takes you over the White House restricted airspace.

Somehow it generates a User WP, so that the last x miles of the approach are on runway heading, and is taking you off the LDA – but if you are “Flying the Localizer”, you are OK – just the flight planner is misleading.

Bottom Line – GOOD ENOUGH – Big Improvement, and really the issue now is the “FLIGHT PLANNER”, not the LDA


Mort if you get that mod, lmk your thoughts.

Any reason why IFR pilots are left holding the BAG again with G1000?


Will do. I’ll let the whole mod scene do their thing for a couple of days. I don’t generally mess around with mods the first week after an update :wink:

Well my freshly updated FBW DEV A320, just did a barrel roll on it’s own on AP, so I guess asobo did work a little bit on it


I’ve noticed my settings get reset sometimes. For example, HDR was turned off at the Windows setting level (which I didn’t do) and my power settings reverted as well.

Check out what I posted in this thread - I promise it will help you get better FPS

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For me Alfa controls have the same issue on tbm when yoke is connected. Altitude was ok but hdg and FLC speed only changes by 10. If I unplug it all is fine, pretty annoying.

Hmm, so I guess all the other “improvements” from the aerodynamics video either got released in previous updates (so not much of an improvement) or being released in next updates, thats a bummer…


I just installed the update. Removed all performance and ac mods from Community folder.

I did two long Sightseeing flights in VR with the TMB over Gran Canaria, and the sim runs smothly. No problems at all. Noticed just some small changes (YD comes on automatically with AP, this kind of stuff, nothing major).

Now waiting for WT G3000 mod to update too. :slightly_smiling_face:

No they didn’t. Patches have always been on Tuesdays, following Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday” schedule. Always.

The only exceptions were when there were delays due to issues.

To any of you with performance issues - try turning vsync off and re-test.

So I used to get around 45-60 fps with the deault A320. Now I’m getting around 30-40 fps. About a 15 fps drop. And I also noticed that my GPU is only getting loads of around 4-14% only.

What the heck is going on?

It was running good before.

Is anyone experiencing fps loss with the new update?


You have a CRJ already or do you mean CJ4? :slight_smile:


I think the LOD has deteriorated, because now the buildings and trees are generated even later (LOD200 High Details) when I fly at 3000 ft the buildings and trees are generated very late, so the land looks very flat … and as always … stutter. why does ASOBO not finally fix this stuttering, why something else is always changed … incomprehensible … downscaling was probably carried out here so that VR flying is possible without getting still images …

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Disable v-sync if you had it on…

my GPU is running 1-max 10%,completely incomprehensible

without V-Sync !!

I’ll tell you one MAJOR thing solved that I tested to make sure…the departure out of and arrival into KORD is no longer an issue mixing frequencies. They overrode the ATIS when there’s a conflict! YAY!!


A wild guess, bug given the introduction of the flaps code base merged with the release “by error”, and most likely the deadline for DX12 implementation is 3 months from now (after it will be internal testing and validation for Xbox), there is a possibility some of the refactoring done for DX12 is creeping in the DX11 code base right now and causes this. Because handling CPU/GPU fences/sync is really different when dealing with DX12 command buffers, which in turn makes the code using different buffer handling/logic and synchronization points, which in turn causes disruption in the flow for DX11. Just a wild guess, but the visible deterioration of CPU/GPU sync problems I can monitor and see tells me there are more profound changes to the rendering engine beneath.


I had it off as I always do.