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The only problem I’ve had thus far is that Taxiways aren’t drawing when you’ve got a project loaded in developer mode. However if you build the project and load it from your community folder the taxiways do show.

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So we can’t trust everything they say? Is that the excuse?

So still on, no further update. When I try to start a flight, the chosen aircraft won’t change in the upper left corner, Fly now button is greyed out. Going back to main screen and back again to flight creation, the chosen plane is visible, but if clicking on Fly now → CTD.
Better leave it now as it is and see if there is a solution tomorrow. Frustrating!

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Or course not! The only thing that matters is the release notes.

The thing is there are a lot more WT people working on the CJ4 then the Garmins. Garmin progress has been pretty slow. It’s the nature of open soure projects that contributors come and go or have day job demands on their hardware.

I love and appreciate everything the WT team has done for us but it should not be their job to make the base avionics in the sim that every modern GA aircraft uses actually useable. Asobo should deliver something at least as good as the XP1000 in X-Plane.


they have been working on this game for over 4 years its not something you just do at the last moment before release lol,

Looks like a further update just got pushed out with the missing liveries. Downloading now. 1.49gb

It feels that there is no improvement, and what should be wrong is still wrong, especially the aerodynamic performance of the aircraft. Performance has not improved, FPS has not increased, and occasional stuttering has not been improved. Metric units can still cause aircraft instrument errors.
It’s all in 2021, and it’s still suffering from FSX’s poison. It’s too sad.


VR pop out menus like ATC and VFR Map are no longer working for me. They display static in front of my face and I can’t click on them or move them around the cockpit, only open and close from the toolbar.

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I was talking about airlines licensing out their corporate identity for a flight simulator game.

This has nothing to do with development time…

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I think people are hoping for fixes to major longstanding issues, rather than minor things they didn’t even know existed as problems because they don’t affect them. At least that was my wish, that there be a fix for the backwards waypoint that’s always added in the autopilot systems when you set up an approach in-flight – something which has plagued IFR flights since the beginning of the sim.


It amazes me how a small amount of people working on the A320NX can get so much done in fixing the the A320 and an army of staff at ASOBO and Microsoft give us eye candy and can’t deliver serious fixes for the most important things in this Sim. So disappointing we wait all this time but the serious problems are not addressed.


Well, i now CTD after 2 updates today. I cant hit the FLY icon after selecting a departure runway. Not even selecting an arrival one fixes that.

I have to come out of the flight plan so the fly button lights up.

Game seem to then load but CTD before anything happens. Same issue when loading a flightplan.

Happens with empty Community Directory as well as with my other stuff in it.

Updated SDK - makes no difference.

Anyother POS from M$ - why cant they get thing right before releasing it!!


The only thing that makes me feel gratified is that aboso is still updating, it seems to be still “working”, rather than dead like FSX.

You have to develop a habit of deleting all the content in the community before updating. Otherwise, you will bear all the consequences.

Just installed. Deleted Community content. Well, let’s see…

Ok, now the FLY button in the world map screen is unavailable. Darn.
Went to “activities” screen and chose one, clicked on FLY button. CTD

Good grief.


Even if, will it really provide what simmers are expecting?

You might want to support these:
Live Dev Q&A: Guided Question - #14 by CptLucky8
Live Dev Q&A: Guided Question - #59 by EvidencePlz

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Arcade games, don’t talk about artificial intelligence. Why don’t you join the fight? like CS ARMA ~

Well, over the last few months since that Q&A, I’ve stated multiple times in various discussions that I had low expectations for what they’d do to the Garmins in this update and received a ton of flak from the white knights for “doubting Jorg’s word”.

Looks like I wasn’t far off the mark.

However, they did enable OBS mode, and apparently, the Direct To function now works correctly in the G1000 where it was terribly broken previously. I just need confimation that the “turnaround bug” when activating an approach has been fixed. If that’s been fixed, then I’ll be satisfied.

I still don’t think that translates into “doing it right” by any means, but fixing bugs that have been there for months and been an endless source of fustration is a welcome change.


This is a good start imo. I’m sure there’s tons of changes under the hood too to allow for more stuff