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Scorpionfilms fixed it in his GNS530 mod. It can’t be that hard. Not to diminish his accomplishments with that mod. Just saying if a modder can fix it, why can’t the original dev team>


aboso is not a Microsoft employee, but a small development team

That depends how he fixed it. Without more information I couldn’t say.

I didn’t expect much improvement. Asobo seems to always lag behind what WT and FBW have done with their mods. I usually check out update without mods, see no big improvements, then reactivate mods.

i travel for work and have msfs on a laptop. not packing a joystick. so flying with KB at hotel x is the way i do it.

You call a 100+ person team “small”?

Just did a quick route:
St. James’s Palace
All England Lawn Tennis Court

While still enroute on first leg, MFD only shows the last leg and it’s purple (like it was active), but AP on GPS is following the route correctly…
All without any mods so far.

yeah definately an AO problem, maybe can be altered in config files

From what I can see, he forces a Direct To the IAF from current position. Asobo’s code returns you to the last waypoint in your flight plan instead, which could be 1 NM behind you, or it could be 100 NM behind you.


A young development team, after joining MS in the studio, found that the mess of FSX was very difficult to clean up, and could only bite the bullet to transform it. As a result, various problems appeared. The development team did not have any good solutions for a while, and software, which was subject to the architecture, affected the whole body. From the discovery of the problem to the reproduction of the problem, there was still a problem. It takes a long time to analyze the problem and solve it again. There are many difficulties during the period. This is the price of growth, which customers can bear together.
Aboso’s attitude is still good, after all, he did not refuse to change the problem or transfer responsibility.


I mean how he fixed it IN CODE. He may have thrown in a quick and dirty patch that doesn’t fix the core problem. Asobo is a professional development team. They aren’t going to do a quick and dirty patch.

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I call it a small workshop.

We obviously have different definitions of “small team” then.

Contrails, not that I’ll ever see them in the Bonanza. They fixed the engine shutting off on idle, that’s about it for the plane I fly. It was working pretty well anyway and maybe I don’t have to relearn how to get a soft touch down for a change :slight_smile: The last 2 fixes really messed with landings.

Update downloaded fine, sim starts fine, 2 out of 3, already a mostly positive update! I’ll find out if everything still works later.

Newest update will not allow me to select an airport and fly. Fly option is greyed out. Pick out the airport and doesn’t save airport selection.

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Had the update earlier (4gb or thereabouts), i exited and restarted the Sim and played a bit.

Then after dinner i restarted my PC and loaded the Sim up to be greeted with another update, this one 1.49gb, what’s going on?!

The default G1000 direct flight logic is a virtual Fplan route, rather than an immediate activation of the current location. For example, if you make a DCT from point A to point B, and when you fly to point C on the way, change the DCT to point D. The route should change from A-B to C-D, which is still A-D.
In the flight plan, there are four waypoints A-B-C-D. According to the mood, it will go to one of the waypoints at will, and even fly over B-C and turn back to fly A-B.

Grainy Clouds are back for me😥 someone else noticed it ?

I don’t quite follow that but it sounds like a problem

I think a lot of people were very excited about Sim Update 3 based on the discussions here:

Sim 3 Update was supposed to be a big update for ATC & ATIS.