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My download, which was taking forever at around 1 mbps, was interrupted by a power failure. After that I was stuck at the checking for updates screen. I filed a Zendesk report, followed their instructions, without any success. Uninstalled the Sim as they suggested, then discovered that there may have been a server issue yesterday… Now having installed the Sim again I am stuck at the checking for updates screen again. I love the Sim, but this monthly update fiasco is destroying my confidence in Asobo, I lost confidence in Microsoft a long time ago. I deliberately bought the disc version because I thought I would be able to use it independently if there were issues on line. That was a mistake. I’m waiting for further Zendesk advice on how to proceed. In view of other people’s problems with the update I wonder whether it will be worth it. Its such a shame as its wonderful when it’s working.


my sim crashes after going past the checking for updates screen…

Good advice, with a twist.

There is no need to just delete everything (unless you want to literally rebuild your entire cache of addons from scratch), instead it’s better to copy (or cut) and paste what’s in there to somewhere else, or even better, to use an addon’s manager (I use this one) which will automate making mass changes like this without deleting all your files.

I just take them out and move them to a folder on my desktop

That is what mine did. After the fourth attempt it made it through and loaded successfully. Hope yours is the same way. Good luck.

Ive made 6 attempts so far…ill try clearing my community folder again

That works, too, but give the addons linker a try. It makes such things so much easier, automatic, and fast.

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roger that


Same here, I just move them out and after the download, and calling up the game fresh then I exit the game, move back the relevent ones and update the rest. Then call up the game again with the items in the community folder. Maybe this is overkill, but I don’t seem to have issues with it.

using this sim is kinda hell

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You must’ve liked X-plane 11 in it’s early stages. None of the default planes were anywhere close to study level. I don’t think default planes ever are, in any sim that I know. Never mind the likes of any of the microsoft sims, whose default planes were notoriously bad. But look how they turned out after some cool 3rd part add ons. I guess that’s what you now refer to as a ‘flight simulator’.

Anyway good luck dealing with your frustrations… maybe just give it some time :wink: The A320 mods keep rolling in, and bring it closer and closer to reality, and more planes are looming over the horizon, such as the CRJ.

there are a whole bunch of other ones in the works…im pretty sure the PMDG 737NGXu is coming to MSFS

I also play No Man’s Sky. In the early days, it was barely playable. Tooks a year to get it to a playable state. Now after a couple of years, it is now a great game. It all comes down to Get the game out fast or good. Look at Star Citizen. 7 years of development and still no game, just feature creep.

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ive heard star citizen is kinda stinky

I can tell that there’s no point in trying to help you understand how wrong you are, but just this:

The “increase in hardware resource demand after the last update” was impossible to see in test, unless you happened to test on a particular range of hardware configurations. At least that’s what was communicated, and the fact that lots of users have reported no performance degradation support that statement.

Star Citizen is broken in different ways after each update, no 3rd party adds, and fixes only come out maybe 2 times a year. Totaly unplayable even in Alpha state.

At least I see progress in this game and am looking forward to flying around. It has actually helped me in my job, understanding how routes work and tie together. A lot of fun for me and really shows me the importance of approach plates and airport diagrams when diverting to nearest airport because I have to put on dinner. LOL

lol i remember one time i was making mac and cheese while landing at london city

LOL That sounds like a LOT of fun!

That’s kind of what I’ve been sitting here trying to understand. I read a whole host of different complaints from different people (my update was slow, or it completely uninstalled my FS2020 app, my fps are low, there’s no traffic, my clouds are pixelated, etc, etc), and I’m like well, that isn’t happening to me, and neither is that, and neither is that, and am left wondering why. What makes them different from me?

I’ve got a pretty stout system (10600K paired with a 2070 Super, both overclocked), but it’s not the best thing money can buy, and at any rate, many who have even better systems than I do are nonetheless reporting problems that I simply do not have. So I am again left asking “Why? What makes them different from me?”

Your theory of a corrupt file might actually explain some of the randomness, but how is that happening, and why isn’t it getting noticed?

So I’m left full of questions with no answers, and just happy that whatever is happening to others, for some reason I seem to be exempt from. Not that I’ve never had issues, I did, but from everything I was able to gather about what happened to me, it was based on external factors that had nothing whatsoever to do with the MSFS app itself.

It’s all a giant game of “Go figure”.

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