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msfs should be renamed go figure flight simulator

Yes, but selling a “beta version” brings in money. You play with the hype, hope that the users will stay and even attract more users while you try to make the beta into a stable product.
The bad luck for Asobo is: I assume Asobo wants to fix bugs for PC version of MSFS 2020. But they have to prepare Xbox and Playstation launch “full steam”. Right now, Asobo can care for us PC users only a little.
Giving us liveries is exactly such a good will action. The 3D artists group that is not totally stressed with console launch works for the PC users. The bug fixing group fixes right now Xbox and Playstation bugs.

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hopefully theres a massive update with the release of the console sim that fixes ils and the other bugs we have found

See it happening more and more. Get it out fast, fix it later. Design on the fly. S_ny did the same with No Man’s Sky. They put it out, it tanked, after about 18 months it was fixed.

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why does it take so long to resolve issues? is it the finding of issues or the actual resolution that takes longer?

And resolving without breaking something else.

I’m not trying to be contrary or cover for ASOBO - I totally agree a different approach is called for since this doesn’t appear to be working. I also agree the item purchased should be fit for a purpose, but here the purpose is entertainment and (hopefully reasonably accurate) simulation of flight. However, this wasn’t designed to be a purpose built program to allow RW pilots to stay current. If that was the objective it would need to be much more carefully vetted and designed and require a great deal more manpower and high-end talent, which would mean the price of the software would be way up in the thousands (pounds sterling or dollars) and would need regulatory approval, thorough testing, dedicated hardware to run accurately, etc. What I’m trying to say is you get what you pay for. Anyway - I’m frustrated also and want to see it succeed and improve. This does seem like a bit of an experiment in software design and we’re now apparently part of the development process like it or not.

The same for me. I mean I don’t have a super PC or a super Graphics card (i& 9,700 at 3GKz and RTX2060 32GB Ram) and the update didn’t affect me much, more or less the same FPS and no stuttering. The only thing that I found out is that if I use the drone camera over dense cities and then start another flight, then sometimes I get a CTD, so I always reboot and start the simulator fresh for a new flight.

Yep… that’s how I do it too… :slight_smile:

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I’ve found that problem in early September and reported it to Gaya, didn’t know it was a core problem. 1500 seagulls/flamingos spawned at Kos and it dropped frames by atleast half due to their animation starting at miles and miles away. Since then I fix every animation of whatever is being animated to decent distances. No need to see a jetway animated from a mile away.

Another problem was objects got loaded (such as CreateJetways) from other airports and used cpu resources, no idea if that was ever fixed. Not bothering much anymore tbh.

It’s both, combined with the number of issues and having to prioritize between them.

Many issues that some users report and find intolerable, others don’t have or don’t notice. For a program error to be fixed, the developer has to be able to reproduce the problem.

Then there’s the psychological factor. If something is bothering you, you continuously hope that it will be fixed in the next update, and when it isn’t, you become disappointed, which eventually leads to irritation. In that state of mind it’s more difficult to acknowledge that many problems actually are fixed with every release. Hence, the constantly repeated, but utterly false, myth of “one step forward and two steps backwards”.

Anybody who’s been working on big software projects knows how easily something can go wrong, in particular when you’re working on several code branches in parallel. It’s difficult to explain, but briefly this means that many teams are working simultaneously on separate versions of the same source code files, and eventually those versions have to be merged into one. The more branches you have, and the longer you work on a separate branch, the greater the risk of something becoming broken when you merge. The flap/lift issue after WU3 could easily stem from a merge error. And the subsequent hotfix probably required yet another branch, which would be why they didn’t announce it right away.

I believe Jorg mentioned that they’re currently working on ~30 branches simultaneously, which they have recognized as being far too many. Therefore the plan is to reduce the number and frequency of updates. So now I’ll lean back and watch the inevitable outrage when people realize they will have to wait longer between updates. :sunglasses:


Best response ever. Says it all.:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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During the Q&A yesterday, Jorg mentioned they’re considering opening a beta for updates. I think this is the best way forward tbh.

Many people here have rightly said it’s almost impossible for them to test a release on enough system configurations to properly identify issues. Well, what better way is there to tackle that problem other than getting more people involved.

I’m absolutely certain many users I’ve seen on these forums would gladly volunteer their expertise in a beta program.


I agree 100%.

The ‘funny’ thing is that it keeps checking your data install folder if you have whatever add-on is on the Marketplace in the menu screen.

Edit: And for the Xbox release they really should delay that for a year or two. Fix this first before putting lots of resources in another platform.

I just rename it to community1.

Later, rename it back to community.

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For those who think MS/Asobo should implement a beta program for updates, there’s currently a topic in Wishlist category for this with 270 votes. Just about 100 more votes and it could be on the weekly snapshot fwiw.

Add a beta version players can enable before releasing a patch


All the better, but I certainly hope that this “optimisation” does not take a habit of being enforced reduction of LODs and textures def (trees rendering distance anyone?), especially when they never finds their way into patch notes oddly enough… downgrading behind the back when it was perfectly viable for a lot of users prior to update is certainly not the way to go to “free up resources”. Where will it go next? Ultra clouds retaining the label Ultra but magically switching to High without, of course, the user knowing?

They said that none of these optimisations have made their way into the sim yet, they are fundamental code rewrites.

Great post, well summarised.

Yes everyone should be aware SU4 and WU4 are now being combined to allow them more time.