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Have you tried reinstalling it through the content manager?

Of course it needs to atleast be looking at the same buildings to compare as not all area’s look as good anyway one picture is close to the tall buildings the 2nd shot is miles away, looking at an area with hardly any buildings.

One day to fix and the other days to thoroughly test. Quality over quantity.

I’ve had slow update issue since I think update 2. It’s really painful to wait over 10 hours for a simple update. I’ve tried everything to fix it, even clean windows install. No fixes. I’ve made zendesk about it with update and every time they respond with the same cmd “fix” that does nothing and mark it solved.

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Ok so here we have another useless “update” that does not update anything, is a waste of time and introduces more bugs and issues…
remove tooltips corrected? NO
navdata corrected? NO
missing airports corrected? NO
avionics basic functionality corrected? NO
live weather corrected? NO
fuel consumption corrected? NO
turboprop dynamics corrected? NO
radial in GNS530 corrected? NO
KAP140 altitude arm corrected? NO
all the zendesk reports that I have done and that appear as SOLVED, are they corrected? NO,
In fact not a single one has been corrected until this date.

what a waste of time… now I am going to put back again my mods and see if they work, probably most of them no longer work and the people that is really fixing bugs will have to work again to provide us a new version of their patches that really work and correct or improve things in this game.

community fixes with
so far NoTooltips works ok
Navdata beta works ok
GNS530 radial and dme fix works ok
KAP140 fix works ok
Unreal weather V1.5 works ok
Realsimgear GNS430 also works ok

back to more testing


Stop starting even up. Yes. Since the sim does not even start up due to “missing server connectivity”. Then ending up in an infinite loop.

Соглашусь))) Реально позор)

that whole update cycle is just a clown show.
i can continue your list if you like to

had 5 cdt while testing.
4 of them with editing routes on every plane with a proper fmc g1000/3000, a320 etc…

No it´s still there :frowning:

@MikeFS11 That’s what it was! Downloaded and it is indeed fixed. Thanks. :+1:t2: :+1:t2:

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Well, they create the wishlist snapshot for the dev updates from the threads. I’d have suggested closing it with the hint that it will be fixed in some later patch but still leave it visible.
Right now it is completely hidden and cannot be accessed, which I find a bit weird.


Did a quick test flight on my go-to aircraft—the Longitude.

  • VFR map issue is fixed.
  • AP/ILS work well, but still suffers from the “dolphin/oscillating” effect. It did seem easier to get out of the dolphin effect, however.
  • FLC worked well
  • “Press any key…” is still around (but after reading this thread, I’m not the only one to be prompted)

I flew the ILS approach via AP all the way down to 500 feet and then took over and landed.

Thank you, Asobo for all your hard work! :clap:t2:


I’ve got one thing to say to Microsobo…

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I think too it’s the “makes no sense” logic of actually starting the program then somewhere in the (very very long) startup process, stopping everything just to receive a keystroke to continue starting. Imagine it on an old style flow chart and you’ll see how silly that logic is.

Do You Want To Continue? Yes

That’s the “logic” that the program is waiting to receive. There is no “No” button so to speak. Continuing is the only option. It’s just too weird to keep if nothing else.

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I wouldn’t know how to do that!

Believe what you want to believe. The mods posted it up above pretty much front and centre, but fuel your paranoia and cynicism if you want

That is odd. Perhaps someone saw that the snapshot had it marked as fixed during this update, the thread was marked for deletion when this update came out (because it was supposed to be fixed), and now we’re just in a limbo. Have previous fixed issues from the snapshot been deleted after their update was released?

What are you trying to say?

For me it fixes the most annoying issues. It’s by far not a waste of time but actually makes me fly again (which I did not after 1.9.3 broke it with the CTDs for me).

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