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Still CTD here.

Just deleted the contents of the flight sim directory in %AppData% and relaunching now… Will see if it’s just a dodgy config file.

Still CTD, no error message.

So many people with problems, so many different issues… it’s just hard to understand. Here, everything work’s OK with this “ thing”. Updated Windows, updated Nvidia driver, i9 9900KF, RTX 2080S, 32 GB RAM, SSD 1T, absolutely no overclocking, simulator fully configured in ULTRA (but… 1080p resolution on a 55" 4K TV + 3 monitors). I’ve a homemade set with yoke and pedals, which I built using an R3 Arduino board. I didn’t have to adjust anything in the FS, just assign the axes. Simulator purchased from the Store and installed by default, as suggested by the installer. I can get between 30 and 40 FPS, running smoothly in any condition, with any plane. I use some “mods” wich are A32NX, Aircraft-tbm930- improvement, fs-base-ingamepanels-custom, workingtitle-aircraft-cj4, g1000 and 3000, all working perfectly. I use MSI Afterburner with my own fan profile, Riva Turner to see FPS, Bill2’s Process v3.4.4.0 to run FS with high priority, FS run as administrator, DisplayLink for my touch monitor and Panda Dome as antivirus. And that’s it, and no problem. I just have to decide what my new PIT will be… the TBM? or maybe an A320? I’m executive aviation pilot but… an A320 would look great here in my workshop. FS has no vision without 3D panel! I’ll solve it, easy. FS does not save the position and size of the glass screens! No problems. I already have my own magic solution, not to mention Air Manager. I know, I know… It may look like I’m kidding but I’m not. MS & ASOBO seem to play against me, but I play better. Hey, Mickey Macron Organization! Fix this ill-fated patch and stop there. The more you move, the worse it gets.

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For the first time, today I got cloud flashing on my lowly gtx750ti.

Ok it’s below spec, but that should only impact fps.

My guess is texture swapping between the 2GB GPU physical memory and the 6GB virtual memory has caused it.

On a positive note I did a smooth Cessna landing at my local airport, in twilight, eyeballed.

Eyeballed because the G1000 avionics are broken in the last release…left/right clicks runaway at repeat key speeds; they miss a mouse up event.
The G1000 AP is almost unusable now.

This runaway clicking defo needs a hot fix. Trust me, I was a developer ha ha.

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Here is perfect. No CTD and FPS is great.

32GB ram

i9 9900K 2070 Super the game was just reinstalled after deleting everything

This is a bug that affects all Kepler and Maxwell 1.0 cards, no matter the amount of VRAM. Even GPUs like the GTX Titan Black with 6GB VRAM are affected by this issue.

A couple of people contacted support, and they said that since those cards are very close to the minimum specification, they will be getting obsolete as the game continues to be tweaked over time. This means that your GTX 750 Ti and other cards from this generation are now considered incompatible and that we shouldn’t expect this issue to be fixed with a future patch. Only way is to upgrade to a newer GPU.

If this happened due to DirectX 12 or another major engine upgrade, it would be an acceptable compromise, but when it comes to a bug like the flashing clouds, I don’t think it’s right that our GPUs are considered obsolete just two months after release. There are a few threads on that issue where you can read others’ reports, and I would recommend submitting a Zendesk report in hope of getting them to change their stance on this.

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I see this as well but no CTD. Had seen it after one of the prior updates, but it went away after a day or 2. I think they fixed something.

That is an excellent summary, well done.

I’m willing to upgrade my gtx750ti GPU, despite it delivering 40 fps with Xplane running Vulkan.

But what GPU is safe to buy with FS2020 at the moment?

I haven’t a clue, except it should have 8GB.

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I have the same exact problem. Also made a video & post about it. The strange thing is that it doesn’t affect everyone…

Thank you. Pretty much any modern GPU nowadays can run the simulator well enough, even the cheaper GTX 1650 Super, though the best choice depends on your budget, settings, resolution and target frame rate. If you are playing at 1080p, 6GB VRAM is enough for most cases, and the GTX 1660 Super is a great budget choice nowadays.

Though with new generations rolling out by both AMD and NVIDIA right now, I would recommend waiting for a few more months if you are on a budget. From the looks of it, the rest of the new line-ups will roll out more quickly than past generations. If you need more help, feel free to send me a PM.

I’d love a rollback to the previous update now this game is just unplayable on my high end system never happened until this update now I’m playing Crash Simulator 2020

I don’t think there is an “in sim” update beyond the 921Mb from the store. Check your version number - profile top right on the home page - click on that will show version number. If you’re updated it will be

Happy to report no more CTD on my end . Just the usual bugs as always including mouse not working on the instruments . Removed all addons and only use one livery at a time in the community it helped to remove all the addons .

Yeah I’m gonna be positive after paying $120 for this JUNK. Next

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This is a well known problem with an easy workaround. Just open any in-sim window, like ATC or the VFR map, and click on that maps title bar so you can drag it around. You can close it now, and the instruments should be clickable once more.


Check the flight model is set to modern

Is your flight model set to modern?

Make sure your units are set to hybrid or US and noit metric - metric seems to screw up the altitude measures in the aircraft - it seems to be setting the VS in feet v metres - so 328 feet = 100m

Thanks I’ll give it a try next time . I did do something similar to that and it did not work on the a320nx latest version

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