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I did but haven’t check it’s status yet.

Just checked. It’s status is “solved”?! But no any detail was given. So I am not sure how and where they solved it without any patch or advices to me.

I changed my monitor sharpening level from 4 to 1 (6 is max). Ground scenery (trees and buildings) are much better now, but clouds still show “net” patterns in the area just “refreshed” by the propeller. I guess that’s due to another image issue.

Still I am not sure what “solved” status meant. No way could they have known that my monitor settings were adjusted, or could they?

Solved doesn’t mean they fixed it, it means it has been accepted as a defect, and added to a internal bug tracker. It will be fixed in a future update, but you don’t get anything more back from them as presumably they were able to replicate the issue.

This, and other things, are explained on the Zendesk FAQ.

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In my experence: Some days or a week have passed between you wrote the ticket and Zendesk solved the ticket. Nothing more.

Please vote Bring back Clouds previous to update 5.

Well, there’s no new update came between I filed the ticket and I checked its status (only several days). Did you mean it’s “solved” by Asobo in their next parch or so, but not necessarily it’s solved for me?

Same here and adding mods one by one, so when I have CTD I should know the cause and be able to solve it, I hope. So for so good.

Well, since this was what I was responding to it is actually you moaning about “flickering/stuttering clouds”, so my post was completely reasonable.

It also seems like you tend to easily get butthurt when someone calls you out for needless moaning. Perhaps if you didn’t do that, you wouldn’t get called out as much.

Only after the last update - my Baron has been unflyable with the Autopilot engaged. If I restart the sim, the autopilot works fine. Generally, if I stop at a few airports and take off again, the autopilot simply wants to invert the plane and head for the ground. None of the autopilot functions allow for steady flight. If I fly the plane by hand, I can successfully trim the plane out and all manual control works fine. Just the autopilot that causes me grief. Note: If I load up a flight without any full stop landings, the autopilot works flawlessly. Weird …

Is that only with the Baron? or any G1000 equipped aircraft?

I’ve only experienced it with the Baron.

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Obviously the answer is no.

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The keys assigned for xbox controller (for PC) are reasigned and other doesn’t work. For exemple: If I want to extend flaps, simply doesn’t work.

The quick views inside the cockpit are gone…

We need a Hotfix 2.0 ASAP. I simply I can’t fly and I’ve logged about 1200h…

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No ATC communication which means no ATIS no Baro readings… nothing. . IFR plan will cause CTD. New G1000 has autopilot and plan change issues. The new scenery is un realistic, and cheesy looking. Whole neighborhoods and mountain ranges appear and disappear constantly. We must have a separate release for PC’s only.!!

I feel everyone’s pain…everything was working more or less flawlessly (as much as possible with the ever-changing sim), and then the much-anticipated SU5 came along and screwed up my peripherals and keyboard controls. And that was with the default aircraft - try using outside planes, and nothing will work. I tried using the X-Cub and aside from the throttle, nothing worked, even using the mouse or keyboard.

I’m going back to DCS for awhile until Asobo figures out how to fix things. And that includes limiting RAM and GPU memory so the X-Box group could have fun.

I’ve noticed that the AI is dumb as heck now. Does complete loops before going on track. Log books don’t work. That’s why I use Volanta for my tracking.

Hooked up the yoke and rudders today. Got tired of watching a dumb AI try to fly a plane. No matter which one I fly.

Doing a Norway tour on SkyPark and can’t enjoy the views because I have to focus on the plane.

It always goes pass the airports and always crashes or lands off the runway. Take off are terrible. Plane goes through about 100yrds of trees before it takes off completely.

So if you just want to watch and not play/fly. You will not enjoy the lack of ai in this build.

To put your scenery back to realistic again, try changing the scripting of your Terrain: LoDFactor to LoDFactor 5.000000 and also try changing in PostProcess: Filmgrain from 1 to 0 which should make the terrain clearer.
They are located in Folder: LocalCache File: UserCfg.opt
You may have to change the .opt to .txt to use it in Notepad, just don’t forget to change it back to .opt after making the changes and saving.

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I really like your mods. I replaced the default Extra, Pitts, Cap10 with yours. The flight model for default one is really like arcade games. You made a simulation. Thank you for your efforts.