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My cockpit cameras aren’t working afterupdate.
ANy help here ?


Other posters suggest restarting the sim resolved this

So first of all i tested it on multiple flights since yesterday and the patches notes say that the had a look on every plane (including the A320)

See above post

I ve always referred to 2k as not 1080p and a lot better performance than 4k

For 4K resolution, this is the difference in how grainy the text looks now.
Top of the sim (ATC):

Bottom of the sim, and many of the Windows Yes/No dialogs are very bad. I bet the bottom ATC control is using a different program to process/display the text versus the sim.


Everything is working for me as before. Didn’t see much updates to the auto pilot although when I disengage it the pitch shakes up and down a little. Something new in the G1000 is when the auto pilot is disengaged the PFD has a blinking red AP light, I don’t recall that being on the G1000. Is that a bug or a new G1000 feature?

I changed from high setting to altra and changed from 1920 x 1080 to 2500x1440 and preformance is about the same so something got better

The rock trees need to go. kFUL rwy 24 is a perfect example. I notice this is a front view issue, side views are ok. I reported this a while ago so no reason to do it again

I know a G1000 update is planned, the auto pilot on approaches just isn’t there. KSNA is a perfect example. Rwy 20R only has one transition Seal Beach. So direct to Snake or vector to finals forgot using AP

I’ve created a wishlist topic to see if the PG bridges can be fixed. Please vote for it here:


New feature so you know you’ve turned the AP off

I’ve created a wishlist for this:


This will likely get answered in tonight’s Q&A

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No, I’m worried about what else is broken that I haven’t run into yet. Did other keyboard bindings break? I’ll have to check. Are there other new problems? Some here are reporting additional autopilot problems. Before two updates ago my VFR map position saved where I last placed it, now I have to move it every new flight, someone else in this thread reported that too. It’s annoying. This is a sim/game whatever you want to call it. No I’m not going to lose sleep over any of this stuff, but you cannot simply brush off the annoyance of having things that were working just fine get broken or changed for the worse in each update.

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Positive bug time. Even the moon shows up as a reflection in the water! I am still sometimes amazed at how good the sim looks.

In my current flight to Libya:


If you are having issues - DELETE YOUR ROLLING CACHE!
Fixed my Bush Trips Screen Lock this morning. Was ready to do a complete reinstall.
Spent way too long reading this thread last night, but really appreciate all the time and effort everyone is putting in to it. The idea sharing, problem solving and knowledge base is amazing.


Did you manage to get around this?

Two questions here…

  1. Why not use the autopilot that tracks a flight plan, instead of AI?
  2. (Just out of curiosity.) Why are there so many sim users that don’t actually FLY the sim? For what it costs to upgrade a computer and install the flight sim, it seems like a waste. There are tons of You-Tube videos of people flying real airplanes all over the world. Wouldn’t it be easier to just have that running in the background?

(Not trying to start an argument here. I am truly curious about how people are actually using the sim/game. I know that there are very few actual pilots, compared to the entire user base and many use the assists and AI to help them learn. I am surprised, though, at the number of people wanting the AI to do the flying for them.)

This may be better in ‘General Discussion’ as I it may get out of hand.
If you would like to respond to this, please do it here…


Yeah I have the Honey Comb yoke. I know about the 10 degree increments. I am able to get around it by just clicking the HDG dial and can get 1 by doing that. The issue im having now is even if I set my heading to say 240 the plane is always off by 5 to 10 degrees when heading in that direction.

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not for 4, but i lost these and all my other custom keyboard mappings I had set and my hotas bindings.

Yes, make sure for every axis you only have 1 controller specified, disable it in all other controllers. This is exactly the symptom of having two controllers trying to use the same axis.

Use cases

  1. People with no experience of flying, gets them started as #2 and helps show them all the parts from pushback to gate. This was an advertised feature of the sim.
  2. Me, ive flown VFR/IFR since the eighties in fixed and rotor wing and found the feature great for a site seeing rest at low alt. Sit in back of TBM930 and let the virtual slave fly you around like the rock star that i’m not :slight_smile:
  3. Training - links to 1. when it goes a bit pete tong, look at the virtual instructor, smile and announce “you have control” and see what the aircraft should be doing.