Discussion: World Update II: USA

What it means if you have an add on in your community folder that’s causing your grief. You need to ficure out which one it is.

Remove all your items, then start adding them back in a couple of them at a time. I like to do it in the order of importance they are to me. First, I do the G1000/3000 mods. I restart the game and see everythign works. Then I do the plane mods, restart and see if it works. Then scenery, then liveries. That way, you can narrow down what is causing you the issue.

I took a test flight test from Republic Airport on Long Island to Liberty Airport in New Jersey using the AI Pilot and IFR Low so that the way points were part of the flight plan. The plane took off and took a shortcut to the main part of the plan but then pretty much followed it although there was a lot of bobbing up and down at first. When it got into Liberty’s airspace the plane took a very wide path from the south, broke north past the airport and then back south on approach. OK, so far pretty much so good. The landing was very good except for one tiny detail. The AI Pilot landed on a taxi way instead of a runway. I could just picture the AI ATCs screaming over the radio :smile:

Technical detail, nothing to see here :grin:

There’s a small hill at the neighborhood park here in Springfield, IL at which folks like to watch the sunset. Prior to this update, you could see the winding sidewalk leading to the top, but the mesh was flat. There was no hill. Just loaded up the USA update to see, and there it was. Perfect. I set the date and time in the sim (bottom) to match the photo (top). If you look close, the moon phase and position matches too. Amazing.

Now I have a nice new landing challenge for the Shock Ultra :wink:


I noticed that with this update the CN Tower and Rogers Centre have been removed. The buildings around the downtown area have changed as well.

I know that there’s RomanDesigns Toronto add on for the GTA which does an outstanding job of depicting the GTA accurately.

Have a look at this thread and post menu screenshots:
Larger Fonts and Tool Tips after Nov. 24th Update - Self-Service / Bugs & Issues - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Thanks @Hester40MT! I’ll take a look into it.

As an Englishman how was the USA update, was it worth it or not. Has it improved much

There is a mod for the Longitude that’s been almost perfect, correcting the AoA issues, weights and balances, correct fuel quantity and fuel burn, Vspeeds, etc. Anyone who loves the Longitude like I do should head on to that page and download the mod. It just got updated to version 1.22 and now compatible with the update. Here’s the link:

And here’s on the flightsimulator forum:


What does that community manager news post mean about added airports in the update where is says (Orbx), and has a list of about 20 airports other than the bespoke KATL, KDFW and so on?

Don’t understand your need to reinstall anything. Just remove the mod from the community folder and restart the sim. This is all that is required. When you restart, the AP issues will be gone. After the WT guys have updated their work. Download the new mod.

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I recgonise many of those as Orbx freeware enhancements from FSX/P3D so I assume they have offered them to Asobo for inclusion in this update CMIIR

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I’m reinstalling because after the update my performance has gotten so bad that the sim is borderline unusable. 10FPS, stutters and lags with verified unchanged settings. I’m hoping that the reinstall will fix that issue. Not sure what the verdict is yet. Just got everything back together and was trying to fly the stock A320 when I got a CTD retracting the flaps.

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Must have been Harrison Ford in the co-pilot’s seat :grin:


The new installation manager is much nicer showing the download rate and progress :slight_smile:

IDK if it has anything at all to do with latest update of game but now the A320 NX mod is completely unflyable using AP

when you reinstalled, did you make sure you deleted ALL files associated with the install?

The whole OneStore directory needs to be deleted, as well as the C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Packages\MicrosoftFlightSimulatorblahblahblah directory.

I had a similar issue of no trees, and it didn’t go away till I deleted the whole install and reinstalled it (I used that time to install it in my D:\FS2020 directory instead of the WinApps directory and that has its advantages)

I can’t get to open the Alaska Bush Trip, it seems to need something… I have everything from the content manager but some 10 planes (which don’t include the one used on the Bush trip) up to date.

Thank you for the fix of the 747. Used the 787 for longer flights and loved it, but nothing like the 747. Great job. Just to test it. I just finished a flight from KJFK to WSSS. 17hours, 8200 miles. Full fuel, 50% payload…No problem. 79,100lbs of fuel when I got to the gate. Thank you again


I’m trying this but can’t find it on my router settings. It’s it for wifi only?