Discussion: World Update II: USA

Thank you for the fix of the 747. Used the 787 for longer flights and loved it, but nothing like the 747. Great job. Just to test it. I just finished a flight from KJFK to WSSS. 17hours, 8200 miles. Full fuel, 50% payload…No problem. 79,100lbs of fuel when I got to the gate. Thank you again


I’m trying this but can’t find it on my router settings. It’s it for wifi only?

I have to do a full install and am stuck at 5mbps on a 50mpbs line. Netlimiter 4 purchase will fix this?

Disappointed to see US airports STILL missing buildings and hangars after the USA update :unamused:

Hi. Trying to find posts about fps drop.
I was getting 55-60 fps at Ultra settings… Flew over Los Angeles after update… Looks amazing, but fps dropped to 35-40…(when under 1000 agl). I know, still good. Wondering if deleting rolling cache as reinstalling it might help. I’m getting a 4k monitor Saturday and think I’ll need all the fps i can get.
Intel I9 10850k
32 gb ram
Rtx 3080
Running on Firecuda SSD 1 tb drive.

Netlimiter 4 enabled me to stop the constant looping of the downloads and took aprox 30 hours to download. I had to decrease the speed of my internet to actually download the game.

if you dont want to purchase Netlimiter or the free trial has run out try NetBalancer or SolarWinds Bandwidth Analyzer Pack all come with free trails.

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Well, reinstalling took care of my performance issues which is good. However, the A320 autopilot is another story and there are several threads on that issue.

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Have you checked your Low Latency Mode setting? If it’s in Ultra as suggested by some guides, then it will actually lower your FPS. Please read about it more at https://www.howtogeek.com/437761/how-to-enable-ultra-low-latency-mode-for-nvidia-graphics/

I also experienced FPS drop after US Update. However after I turned off Low Latency Mode my FPS is now much better with GPU at its 100% potential. There’s a chance that this update somehow made Ultra Low Latency Mode more relevant (lowered FPS more). However I cannot be 100% sure because before US Update I only used my current 1660 Super card once.


Great update, seamless download as well. There are a couple of things that I noticed

  1. Atlanta: Noticable low FPS as one approaches the airport
  2. Using the a32NX, selected ILS 9L approach but didn’t get ILS frequencies and did manual landing judging altitude via constraints till rwy was visible. Same with ILS 9R approach.
  3. With the A32NX, started on the runway with engines running but got PFD and map running many minutes (maybe over 10 mins) later - not a MSFS issue though
  4. Niagara Falls: As one approaches the bridge just before the falls AI seems to create road under it that first fluctuates and then goes under water. From posts earlier it seems a consistent AI related issue.

Thanx @hendis55:+1:
Turns out the “Update” came through late yesterday afternoon here in South Africa…

Thanks , I’ll try tomorrow .
I did go into settings and turned real-world traffic to off and got back to over 50 FPS. That seems to be the real issue for me , especially in super dense urban areas.

Its a free update why dont you just download it and find out :slight_smile: Of cause its worth it its free

Updates to the game generally mean that mods need to be updated too. You’ll need to uninstall the mod until it is fixed

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The A320 mod won’t work until it has been updated for the patch

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thank you very much for the tips! I had deleted everything several times now it is reinstalling. I always deleted the folder you mentioned also, my sim was already installed in ssd D: instead of c:
I noticed a strange thing. the connection in the download was fixed at 5mb and it did not nail even with 200Mb connection! I started fs without network and deleted the configuration folder


Now it’s reinstalling but it’s back the music menu, which I had previously removed and the connection is running at a thousand again!!! maybe a wrong configuration was saved in the cloud? who knows we’ll see at the end of the installation…maybe it’s reset. hopefully fingers crossed I’ll let you know… thank you very much I love you… even if it doesn’t go ehehehehehe

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XDDDD omg that quiality distance…

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All the UI is stretched on my ultrawide monitor, it’s amazing how every update gets gigabytes of models and textures while managing to break even more the base sim


Yeah i have the same problem with the stretched out texts also play on a ultrawide monitor…

That was an earlier question from me, whether it was monitor/aspect ratio dependant, and it would appear to be the case.

It seems these ultra wide monitors always end up being a bit of a gamble, as to whether they are fully supported by your choice of software.

Strange that it should work before, but not now. Why change the UI? I don’t remember reading anything in the change log regarding UI changes…ah, other than this lot!


  • The data consumption value calculation has been fixed
  • Fix input feedback on some devices
  • The livery name should now be correctly displayed in the menus
  • The weather image in the flight plan should now be correct in all cases
  • Some accuracy for the live time have been fixed
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the checklist eye button to be selected
  • The bushtrip menu should no longer freeze
  • Switching from online to offline in the menu should no longer freeze the title
  • Fixed some behaviors that resulted in having the World map search not responding

So clearly an unintended result of a change here that is monitor dependant.

Not sure if they know about it but i might submit a bug report its anoying more than anything