Discussion: World Update III: United Kingdom

300 baud ha. i remember shoveling coal into the back of monitor to get it going :smile:

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Several times even deleted completely MSFS and reinstalled again, no change at all, still with the default buildings all over UK and London

how lucky you are to have a monitor. I remember having to use pen and paper to draw all the images.
Ah happy days :laughing:

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pen AND paper ??? show off ! :joy:

Thanks for your comment. I have made it a rule NEVER to install any addons or scenery but only install and buy through the market place of msfs.Thinking that was safe. Your comment suddenly reminded me that once I let myself be tempted in buying/downloading the ORBX london landmarks pack. Well that was stupid.
I have removed it and all scenery is now correct. I also had the ORBX london airport, which I have also removed but it was the landmark pack that caused the issue.
Other than that nothing in community folder or addons.
Just goes to show how you can waste your money. All resolved now.

It is a know issue: “ORBX London Landmarks Scenery (3rd party content) is currently conflicting with this update. This is actively being worked on, but in the meantime, we recommend disabling this 3rd party scenery.”

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I borrowed the pen !
What was really interesting was waking up the hamster to get him to run in the wheel to generate the electricity for the modem which itself we had build out of the inside of a toilet roll and a plastic washing up bottle. Those were that days. He soon learned that slowing down got him more nuts. Oh how we laughed.


ok… you win :rofl:

Orbx London Landmarks is in the marketplace, but there was a known issue about this product conflicting with World Update 3 which is clearly stated in the patch notes.

having some issues with this update - can see the UK update in my market place to buy
however my “buy” buttons are greyed out - (note many users (myself included) have have had historical issues getting steam overlay working with MSFS so it seems have “failed” purchases on their market place account)- seems the accounts need to cleared first before the “buy” button works again)- how can I resolve this issue? - note have a work around to get my steam overlay working now so just need the buy button to start working again…?

yes, dont buy it, i had to uninstall it, i had 2 London eyes etc… only bought it recently… money down the drain… thing is MS obviously knew they were going put all this stuff in the update, so the London scenery pack should have been taken off the marketplace a month ago !
i feel kind of ripped off there… :frowning_face:

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Orbx are already working on a free update to London Landmarks to work with the new London photogrammetry in World Update 3. No need to feel ripped off :wink:

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we will see… theres already too much stuff crammed into the latest update where london is concerned … maybe they will add unicorns and fairies ?

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3 hours into the first flight since update amd broadly very impressed. No mods added yet, so early days, but a big improvement for me at least

was that before or after you walked a mile in the snow?

Because we walked 5 miles in the snow!

And we liked it!

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The most important thing about the world updates is new data which nobody seems to understand.

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I had a 48" wingspan biplane with a K&B .35 and a Mainstream Gem 4 channel R/C.

Before electronic calculators.

at least you had Shoes ! :crazy_face:

you are probably right… i dont understand… care to elaborate ? cheers

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UFO’s are real , now also in MSFS 2020 :joy:!

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