Discussion: World Update III: United Kingdom

I reached 0.08 Mbits now. I doubt that it will finish today.

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Download is completed in 70 mins.
(D/L Bandwidth: 200Mbps)

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Got a pop up message saying my OneDrive is full, so I disabled it and now my download speeds are over 100MBps like they should be…what is even the point of OneDrive ??

downloading at 4mbits max checked a download calc it will take more than 11 hours at this speed for what have left to download. Servers need more investment haven’t even released the xbox version yet. It was quicker to download the entire sim at release.

Dropped to 1.8mbit -2mb joke will take about a day to download at that speed on my 72mbps download speed available.

After the update, and only in MSFS, the space bar key keeps being detected as randomly pressed, which makes the experience unusable. Anyone else?

Would be nice if the community reps could maybe ask MS to look into the obvious capacity problem on their network ?

It’s not like we could choose not to download this and continue using the older version.

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That’s your cloud storage from Microsoft - an online drive. Go there and make sure there isn’t a ton of stuff you don’t need.

I bought the Orbx London upgrade direct through Microsoft. If I unstall the London update will it remember I have bought this and let me install again at a later date?

Not the space bar for me. But since release, my “Ctrl” key is randomly pressed frequently, even though I didn’t touch it. If find if I cycle it a few times, it goes away. Also - open a bug report.

Sim stuck on checking for updates? 34 min passed. What I wait?

I am on that file now and it’s like 15 gigs or something, i’ve been on it forever.

Yes. Just delete it. Later on, it’s always available for download in Content Manager.


OMG download speed is dyer, on package 174/175, 11gb to go!


It’s going to be great to have Blackpool Tower instead of a dark square and shadow, our own mini Eiffel :¬)

Looking forwards to maybe having EGSH taxiways the right way round — so exciting !!

Thanks, I will let them know! Appreciate it!

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The forum is overloaded, the downloads are excruciatingly slow, what can we expect in the sim?

Be sure it points to the folder which contains the Official/OneStore and Community folder. Mine is 23.38GiB.

That goes up to …47.007 then at 70% it moves to 48 then 49.001. At 76% here now slogging along at 1.5Mbps now ugh.

I would suggest that everyone having very slow downloads puts a zendesk ticket in. The forum staff tell us that they are volunteers and have no direct contact with the creators so perhaps Ms/As do not know about the issue with server capacity.

Asobo needs to take asap the traffic.

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