"Disk 3 has been surprised removed"


Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed this Warning message appears in the Windows Event Viewer typically just before the CTD “Application Error” for Flight Simulator occurs and is recorded in the Event Viewer. Is anyone else seeing this? Do we think there could be some correlation between the two?

IIRC this is referring to the virtual disks that MSFS creates when it is running, and for some reason one of them has been un-mounted perhaps. If you search the forums you will see this stretching back to the time of the Alpha’s.

Thanks hobanagerik! I’ll do a deeper search. Disappointed as likely this is unrelated to the SU5 CTDs we’ve all been experience.

I have them myself, even without sim running, although I did just fire it up to check. I don’t know if these get removed after a reboot, for instance, as I never checked that specifically.

As to why it would dismount, I have no idea.

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FYI, you don’t need to optimize or defrag SSD.

Yes, I just noticed that. It must have got turned on in one of the Win10 updates. I always disable that, and haven’t run a spinning disk for about 8 years or so now. Weirder still, the default schedule was set to weekly, even though that reports it hasn’t been run for 17 days. Both can’t be true.

I just checked the task in Task Scheduler, and fortunately that is still Disabled:

And hasn’t been run since 1999 according to that. Hmm.

it is also not wrong to have it still enabled or let it run, because windows 10 know that you build in a ssd and it do only a TRIM.

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I forgot what I would write :rofl:

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