Disk required at startup

I have MSFS Standard installed from the disks. Everything works fine except at each launch the system requires a disk to be inserted. This seems to be a backwards steps as my computer is logged in to my Microsoft Account, to my Xbox account to which both was a requirement for initially loading the program. I am also online at 25 Mbps which seems sufficient to validate my licence.
Is there a way to get around this " Insert Disk" at the start? Any help would be appreciated .

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Hello! Checking to see if you have gone through some of the steps here?

Thank you for your reply ,
Yes I was aware of this FAQ .I have a direct connection and I do not use the WIFI I would have thought that 25Mbps I have would have been sufficient

I upgraded to a 100Mbps connection and don’t regret the extra 15% leaving my wallet at all. The connection at my home is now faster than the one I have at the office. Pretty cool, and I reliably get about 125 Mbps. It’s really fast compared to my old service.

If a faster speed is available to you I’d consider it. I think it may be a factor in getting good gameplay.

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Thank you Seven7Tango, I may upgrade as suggested, Good Idea. Just hope it works