Display note when at pause or slew

So far everything is awesome, but i guess we need an option to have an onscreen note when we are at pause slew or specially when we increase simulation rate, i just tried the simulation rate and I couldnt tell what speed i went or how to go back to x1

You can get SIM RATE to work? I cannot for the life of me get it going. I have remapped the [+] and [-] to so they are empty and my [R] is showing as SIM RATE like it should. I even removed the [SHIFT]+[R] mapping so it was blank.

Try and hit [R]+[+] during the game and it does nothing. Surely I cannot be the only one that has this problem.

The r didnt work i had to set sim rate increase decrease, i made it like this… Right ctrl + r sim rate decrease, left ctrl + r for increase and its working like a charm just that you dnt know at what rate you are at

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Not ideal, but one trick for returning to 1x speed is to go all the way to the slowest and then increase it 2 times. Can look at the aircraft clock and see if the seconds are counting accurately to confirm back on 1x.