Display stutter/tearing when limiting Vsync to 50%

I have a 4000 series card in a 120hz 4k display…

I have NVCP set to let the application control settings, and in MSFS I have Vsync enabled, and I’d like to start using the frame limiter to 50% of my refresh rate, as it seems more stable overall.

However, as I pan around, especially in the cockpit, it is doing this odd jumping effect where it looks like my screen is jumping or skipping rather than smoothly transitioning. It’s not my system stuttering, it almost seems like a mismatch between the output hz and the display- It’s very hard to explain, but it doesn’t do it at all if I just have Vsync running on max refresh rate… I’m trying to figure out what setting I’m missing here?

I believe the Nvidia software has an option to cap the fps - try that one instead of the sim’s vsync.

Yes it does however I would have to take it off “Let the application decide” setting and use the manual settings, and I don’t know I’d have the same settings applied at that point. It seems more like a miscommunication between the GPU and my TVs display

I use TV too the refresh rate is 60 Hz
Vsync 50% gives me better results than adjusting the fps on the nvidia panel to 30 Hz .