Dissapearing Waypoints/legs in final stages of long-haul flights

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The final legs of flightplans dissapear causing the aircraft to fly in a circle.

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Current build: 9991003 but first noticed it has been happening on previous versions since summer 2022.

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On two different flights today this has happened. Firstly, Heathrow to JFK in the Concorde. I downloaded some historically accuraate Concorde flightplans created by another user. Boston ATC gives me my decent callouts. When I’m eventually in New York airspace at about 10,000ft and begin my final sharp turn to the right over the New York/New Jersey bight, the last few remaining legs of the flightplan suddenly dissapeard and the Concorde banks sharply to the left and seems to begin to fly in a circle. The second time this happened, I was in the 78X flying LAX to Heathrow. I was finally in UK airspace over Liverpool but hadn’t yet had my decent callouts. I’d say I had about 20 mins of a 10+ hour flight left when again, the final legs of the flightplan dissapeared and the plane banked heavily to the right and began to fly in a circle. Unlike Concorde, this was a flightplan created entirely within the world map. I first noticed this last year on previous versions. It sadly doesn’t happen all the time and I can’t get it to reproduce consistantly. But twice in one day and on two completely different flights has caused me to log it as a bug here. The only mods I’ve used is currently FSTraffic. Before that FSLTL and before that AIG.

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I have same problem

I noticed this too since opting in for the AAU1 beta. In the beta forum (now not available anymore?) this was mentioned also. From what i remember this happens after the enroute part of the FP and forces you to manually active the arrival phase. So once you reach your final waypoint on your enroute FP, manually activating the selected arrival solves this. According to the beta forums, this is expected behavior…

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Interesting as it never used to behave like this. So this is now considered “normal”?

I have the same probblem in the stock Airbus.

I set up the flightplan using the world map view including the approach and ils/rnav details. The flightplan is present in the FMS on take off.

Once in the descent stage there is the approach msg from ATC confirming the rwy and at that point the FMS inserts a USER waypoint. This waypoint is not present until the ATC call.

The USER waypoint sends the aircraft on some random path.

Interestingly with flying the stock Citation using the same method of flightplanning there are often discontinuities that show in the FMS around this stage. You can cancel these out very easily and at least they are visable breaks.

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Not had this happen for a while but I’ve learned to match departures and arrivals numbers to the runway numbers on the world map screen. That helps a lot.