Distortion in my sound/speakers when game in active

I have studio monitors - and they are normally silent when doing anything else on the pc, but when i fire up the simulator - i suddenly get horrible speaker feedback…and it changes in intensity with each different screen change IN the sim only…

Anyone else having this issue?


I don’t use studio monitors, but I do get a good deal of coil whine when using the sim. It’s not noticable through my headset, but if I get my head close to the case I can definitely hear it.

Maybe your setup is amplyfing that somehow? Have you tried placing the speakers further away?

I use JBL LSR305’s (gen1) through a Focusrite 6i6 (gen1) which is connected to the computer (MSI Gaming 5 MB) through USB … nope, my background noise is silence.
My monitor is an LG UN55730 TV monitor connected by HDMI to the computers 2070Super video card. But I’ve used other monitors, too with the same setup, and, right now, I’ve got a laptop connected to the same power strip as my computer and sound system (and Helix and PowerCab), and another monitor connected to the laptop, too, sitting on top of my 6i6, and I get zero noise.

How are you connected to your speakers?
What soundcard are you using?
I assume you have this for recording? How is that working out for you?
Do you have your connecting cable passing by your monitor? Have you tried moving it?

I can’t begin to understand how you’re getting “feedback”… that would require a microphone to be involved so the audio can feed back into the system. ??
Instead of “feedback” are you getting noise you mean? Is it 60Hz (US)?
Is it possible your monitor is going into a special mode when it goes full screen, and you’re getting electrical noise inducted into the cables connecting your speakers? Have you tried using a different monitor?

Which, after typing the above, I realized… is your monitor and computer and speakers all connected to the same outlet? You might have a ground loop going on.

Too @MorsAbAlto84’s point… https://www.howtogeek.com/297166/what-is-coil-whine-and-can-i-get-rid-of-it-on-my-pc/

I have the same problem and after a lot of research on YouTube tried about everything except using balanced low impedence cables from my sound card to my powered monitors.
I will be trying this soon and will post my results here.