Ditching the 787, even the Mod too

Sorry guys, but I have lost all patience with this sims aircraft, considering I have paid extra for this pile of default rubbish that has now become totally unflyable,random no screens, cant steer it when on the ground, wont follow flightplan thats been filed manually and so on and so on. Asobo , get your ruddy act together and fix your default aircraft, you have had peoples good money, now supply us with what we paid for, flyable aircraft.


Asobo did supply (at least) me with a perfectly flyable 787.

They even issued a hot fix just for the 787.

Not experiencing any of your problems.


Well perhaps you are one of few that has no issues, but judging by the number of entries on here for the 787 there are an awful lot us that are experiencing real issues, yes agreed they have fixed the bounce, whoopee, what about the rest of the problems?.


only mods i run are from workingtitle to fix them garmin’s , as for taxing with a 747 and 787 is , i cheat , i turn on AI control and then taxing goes great. when at runway i turn the ai off again, same goes for last part of parking.

No need to cheat. Just keep your speed below ~8kts for tight turns and don’t use full steering deflection.


i learned that from watching the co pilot do it a few times :slight_smile: everyone is just going to fast to make a turn… but i’m just lazy and it gives the co pilot something to do :smiley:

Don’t forget that only 10-15% of the aircraft weight rests on the nosegear.

Skidding happens easily IRL, even with noseheavy aircraft like the MD80.
Delta MD-88 Skidding on Takeoff - YouTube

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Most of the problems are being caused by using outdated and/or badly programmed mods.


I guess this remained the biggest mystery…guess there are certain groups that genuinely have loads of issues with the 787 and some issues are critical to them even be able to use the aircraft, and another lucky group that at least have minimal issues.

I guess i am also on the lucky group, at least most of the times, my default 787 still fly normally, follow flight plans most if not all the time and taxiing seems manageable at least now (taxiing was very bad at one time, during the early days of launch). So for now i can still enjoy my default 787 most of the time.

The MSFS 787 is a lot like a real Airbus.

If you operate it the way Asobo designed it, it works without problems.

If you try to operate it in a different way, you are running into problems.

Let me try and be more specific regarding the steering issue, after only applying minimal increase in thrust just to start the roll the aircraft veers left, then veers right, upon correction it veers left again and so forth, its impossible to taxi in a straight line, I have noted that there is very little rudder movement on the joystick twist.

That’s strange. What joystick are you using for rudder control?
I’m using a T16000M.

That is where the mystery deepened… i fly 787 the same way all the times, but there were 10% of the times i suddenly experienced the 787 chose not to follow the flight plan midway at cruise without touching anything, buttons frozed and i cant click any button in the cockpit, only to recover on its own after 15 mins.

I am at least glad it happened to me less than 20% of the times.

Yes there are many people having problems with the 787 but there are far more people that don’t. Whatever your issues are, they are fixable

Reference the type of joystick, its the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, no other issues with rudders on any other aircraft

I agree with the comments re. learning how to handle the 787 the way Asobo designed it as @PZL104 said!

I use the same Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick and I am not experiencing the steering issue that you describe. Note, by me saying this I am not also saying that you don’t have this issue. Clearly you do…

The problem with my 787 is the PFD. Always lock at a certain altitude.

With the default 787, no mods and an empty community folder?

Ok, so last chance for the787, trying the Mod on this last attempt!!, flight from EGCC to TBPB, loaded plan from Simbrief, all good so far, aircraft weights good as is CG, time to taxi to 23L, just like meandering whale, left then right, onto runway (eventually), final checks and toga, no meandering, straight as a die, rotate and gear up, select LNAV and AP, reach 3000 and select VNAV, aircraft then deviates from plan and then circles EGCC at a very steep bank angle, tried to go direct SAM the next waypoint via the FMC but did not work just kept flying around in circles. Flight TERMINATED!.

I found that the 787 is REALLY sensible to your stick deadzone.

Try adding a bit of % to your stick deadzone, just to test