DLSS for much higher framerates coming?

Will we get Nvidia DLSS Support?
It allows for much higher frame rates, something that will be especially needed in VR.

Will we get that? If so, when?

Thanks a lot

NEVER. DirectML? Maybe.

Unlikely, it wouldn’t work well with the “live” instruments in the aircraft most likely. Numbers would be hard to read probably and occasionally maybe the AI would “guess” the wrong number.

We will get it in the future. Its part of DX12 Update. That was said in a Q&A with the Devs.
The reason DX12 comes is firstly not for performance its to implement tech like Ray Tracing and DLSS.
Obviously that means DirectML will be coming at some point. But then DLSS also will come eventually. You cant release Ray Tracing without DLSS/DirectML otherwise you will play at 6fps. They will come.
We dont know when tho.

I wouldn’t expect it to come anytime soon. Maybe by the time RTX 40 series is out? The kind of framerates a 3090 gets, I couldn’t imagine how bad it would be with RTX on, even with DLSS (which in and of itself, looks really weird IMO)

It would likely be the same or better than without in the current state of the sim. The 3090 is usually CPU bottlenecked and the raytracing perf would probably be enough to keep playable frame rates even at 4K.

The new Radeon cards though? Forget it, the RT perf is too weak and there is currently no DLSS (it’s in progress but who knows when it will come out).