Do ATC Actually Control?

Happened a few times now, reach the Departure holding point and the AI goes “clear for take off” with a chap at 700ft on final. Similar to the you ask for a vectored ILS and they ignore you until your close enough to the airport and then hand you off to Twr without one vector given. Was overhead Adelaide earlier with about 20 other players and it was obvious the AI was being ignored, everyone flew the correct approach and spaced themselves out but the AI wanted us all at 3,000 ft, and anyone who missed was also at 3,000ft, the whole AI ATC system is seriously screwed, drive around an airport and listen to the hold position as yet another bus holds you up call, the ATC as it is is a game breaker for me, your just levelling off and you get the climb call, it happens every flight. I not interested in workarounds, the whole system needs a fix, FSX did it better than this.

Yes FSX sure did it better, and it wasn’t really great!!!
This ATC is very rudimentary, just enough for ASOBO to say there is an ATC system.
They have stated they will do a major upgrade of it.
There is an ATC improvement already scheduled for Update #4, I hope it is a major one.

I hope they do an update because a couple of times they have cleared me for take off and I have met an aircraft on the runway doing back tracking, another time at Bristol U.K. EGGD they keep sending me down Zulu taxiway but in my UK VFR Flight Guide there is no Zulu Taxiway it is actually Taxiway Golf

The FSX based ATC that is in MSFS (and im assuming P3D) dates back to FS 2000-2002. It’s almost 20 years old and is still the best built in ATC of any sim.

I believe that the MSFS built in ATC is only concern with real world or AI flights when determining if there is another aircraft that is landing or ready for takeoff when you are ready for take off or landing respectively.

Software like Pilot2ATC do a better job although it is still limited to seeing traffic that is Real World or AI and not other players.

The most realistic ATC will be the various networks that have human virtual controllers.

I’m sure it will get better over time and if any company has the cloud compute, AI, and software engineering resources it would be Microsoft/Asobo.