Do Chicago landmarks work on su10 xbox?

Do Chicago landmarks work on su10 now? Really curious as they are on sale. Last time I heard there was problems with them but that’s nearly a year old now.

Nope. At least not for me. When I start at KMDW it is an instant CTD. Haven’t tested starting at another airport. I was hoping SU10 fixed it.

Is that a third party airport?

No. Just using the default airport for KMDW/Midway.

No, Just using the default airport for KMDW/Midway and CTD two times (100%)

It does not work on both the series s and x

I am so glad I read this, I saw it on sale at the Marketplace and tempted to buy… but feared this may cause issues!

It’s shocking that an addon continues to be sold that has been shown to not work for months. But what is almost worse is that it is now in sale and will attract even more disappointed buyers…Like so many other AddOns! It’s a little bit frustrating


It does work but with a caveat. You need to fly out of airports that are not too near Chicago.
For example I flew out of Waukegan National, which is north of Chicago half way to Milwaukee. After that it works great. I landed at O’Hare with no issues.

I’m on Xbox Series X