Do I need to re-setup my custom Honeycomb profiles on a new PC?

Hey guys;

When i buy a new computer it looks like hell to me to setup the Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo Yoke and throttle because every button is changed.
It took me several days before i got everything for every plane i use in order.
Now im gonna buy a new pc in the near future.
My question.
Do you know wich map i must copy and save so i can put it in my new pc when i got mfs again installed?
I have the windows version disc, , store.

I can not help you other than next time make a better title on your thread. " Where can i find it?" doesn’t fly well. Put some context into the title!

Hope you get help.

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I believe your control mappings are cloud saves and will “follow you” around from one pc to the next, so you shouldn’t have to do anything.

And change the thread title as @RealSei suggests!

There should be no need to re map everything provided you log into same account you use on your current PC.

Peripheral profiles are stored in the cloud and brought back down.

Just be sure to install the honeycomb software (AFC_Bridge).

I hope that helps.

Caveat: I’m running the Steam version (not Windows Store) but I suspect similar probably exists in your MS Store installation version:

I have a folder containing controller mappings under my main Steam/userdata folder … this folder (“remote”) sits under a couple of other numbered (not named) folders: “…/Steam/userdata/10842504/1250410/remote”.

In this “remote” folder I have “inputprofile_[xxx]” files which describe my latest mouse, keyboard and controller mappings, there are also files for other things here.

A search for “inputprofile_” or similar might help you find these files if they exist on your system.


Topic title altered to reflect post.

I just installed MSFS (Steam) on a new PC and using the same xbox ID all of my controller profiles “copied” over because I believe they are cloud saved.

I did lose all progress on bush trips but was able to find those locally saved files and transfer them to the new PC and progress was restored.

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