Do I need to update OpenXR myself?

I’ve noticed there’s quite a bit talk of OpenXR in this forum. Do I need to manage and update this software myself or is it bundled in something else, for example the Oculus app?

For use with my G2, I had to download the OpenXR Devleloper Tools for Windows Mixed Reality separate. You probably have OpenXR running, but this software enables you control over some of the settings. I get this started before I activate WMR and my headsett. For any updates (most recent being 108.2109.21002) under the Developer Settings tab, you need to have “Use latest preview OpenXR runtime” set to on. The tool people use the most in the Custom render scale. Thus is used in conjunction with the render scale setting in MSFS to improve frame rate. I had the same questions as you, wondering if I need this. Sometimes I still wonder if it’s necessary and I’m not sure what the “Use latest preview OpenXR runtime” actually does, besides give you the latest version, which in this case I’m not sure why they don’t just call it “update”. I’m sure others can explain better than I am here.

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Since you asked about the Oculus Quest, It’s bundled and updated with the Oculus Quest app.

Look under “General” and you’ll see the “OpenXR Runtime” section. There’s no need to worry about it.

Your G2 is not on Oculus device. :slight_smile: There are next to zero setup similarities. Giving advice about a Windows Mixed Reality device for a Quest headset adds nothing but confusion. :slight_smile:

Sorta like asking someone about riding a motorcycle and they commence to talking about how they mix oil for their favorite 2-stroke dirt bike. :slight_smile:

Well then…you must know a lot about a lot of things, except when someone is simply trying to help another. I thought he was referring to the Open XR Developmental tool since there’s a lot of talk about that, and how and when to use it. …that’s all.


No need to fight, I appreciate all answers :slight_smile: It wasn’t totally clear whether my question was general or about Oculus in particular. I’m glad I’m not an owner of a G2 set though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just an FYI - You don’t need to start the OpenXR Developer Tool app every time you play. You only need to open it if you are changing settings. Once those settings are setup, they will take effect every time you startup your PC, without the need to actually open the tool.

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You don’t even need to have it installed. Only if you want to set a custom render scale (which you can also do in the sim itself) or change OpenXR version (for experimental features).

Other than that, there is no need to have it even installed.

OpenXR is an API/standard set of features and capabilities. It is not an application you install. Its something your headset implements and supports.

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I did not know that. Thanks for the reply.