Do installing all world and city updates hinder performances?


If someone could give me some advice i’d really appreciate it.

I’m on Xbox series s and whenever im on the ground at any airport my games stuttery and laggy. And then overall ground textures are very pixally and poor quality.

I also have the issue where screens go black in the a321 and a319.

Will uninstalling all world updates help performance?


It probably affects load times (more stuff to scan) but shouldn’t affect game performance. Except the obvious where flying in updated more detailed areas is more demanding.


I wonder if anyone else has a simple problem? Its always when Im on the ground, taxing or at the gate. It just stutters and lags. It seems with every update more bugs appear, i cannot get my head around it

Since 2 weeks I own a series X. For a year I used a series S. At the beginning it was all fine. But after update after update the “little” box was lagging more and more. Black avionics, crashes, CTDs, no fun anymore. I’ve deinstalled a few world updates and it was a bit better, but not realy a solution. So I sold the S and bought the X. Much better, no problems. I didn’t regret.

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That’s helpful to know, thank you