Do the Virtual Fly TQ6 detents work now in FS2020?

Im considering buying the TQ6 throttle but have heard that the detents don’t work. This may have been the case when FS2020 was first released but may now work. I don’t really want to be spending this amount of money on one if it’s not fully functional.

Can anyone confirm it works now?

They always did, as I responded here:

You just need to use bind the correct axis, that allows for reverse thrust. Hang on, I’ll post an image of the axis I use as I don’t remember its name off the top of my head. I’ll also post some images of the response curve.

Response curve as below. Throttle lever one is sitting at the idle detent. I then adjust the Neutral value to 59&, which as you can see puts the dot right on the centre horizontal line. Because of how they have drawn the graph, full reverse is actually at the top right, so as I bring the lever back past the detent the dot moves to the top right.


Full reverse

Thanks that would be very helpful if you can post screenshots. Do you find that the TQ6 is more accurate as opposed to a cheaper throttle quadrant? Apart from the build quality can you notice the difference from your input that this is more responsive?

It’s certainly better than my Logitech throttle, which had no reverse past the idle detent, and only had a button to depress at full reverse, so was digital in nature. The TQ6+ is excellent, and I would really recommend it.

I can’t seem to get to show the current bindings for the throttle, or my pedals, but they are working as I took those shots just now. I believe the axis you want is has “0 -100%” in its name.