Do We Really Need Photogrammetry?

Agreed. But in saying that it teaches certain things.

Would much rather be weaving my way around the hills/buildings in a Sabre F-86. But only if it Looks good and runs smooth. More interested in the Landscape than the City Scape!

It’s subjective. Currently, the data varies too much. In an area you’re familiar with then you’ll have a bias towards PG. My city, Liverpool annoys me in AI with a few POIs. But if I fly over a city I’m not familiar with, I know no different.

I have the Liverpool add on which is from Google data and is VERY good. However, currently, it has no LOD and is therefore visible from much too far away and affects performance


I love photogrammetry - everything is just more recognizable and immersive. Looking forward to more of it.


I fully agree. One of the strongest points of the new MSFS respect all the other sims (at least in the base version) is just the rich presence of recognizable landmarks. This in my opinion not only strongly improves the possibility of VFR flights, but greatly increases the immersion and, I would add, also the cultural/educational value of the product.
In brief, also if I really like faithful reproductions of real cockpits, there is a whole, very big (as Lionel says) world outside them.


Otherwise there’s little difference between MSFS and other sims IMO.

No you don’t, I have it turned off all the time my pc is a 5600x RTX 3080 32gb of ram running at ultra 1440p, internet is 400 down and 50 up and photogrammetry is a mess close up and even worse when you are flying towards it esp when there’s tall buildings ,

for GA people like myself who spend most of their time in the 152, 172, Cub’s, Cirrus, DA62 at the most, PG is really useful for finding landmarks when you don’t have GPS…

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Can you tell me from these images where the ‘mess’ is you’re talking about? I took some close up and far away. Everyone who think the autogen looks better has a weird sense of taste tbh…

Btw i haven’t manually cached this area, nor is rolling cache on. This is straightly loaded from the internet. I’m on a 250mbps connection fyi.

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good for you, but not all of us enjoy flying at 40.000 ft looking at the cockpit with an autopilot on for 3 hours doing nothing. I love bush flying and scenery is a most, so I guess a fligh simulator is design for all tastes of flying.

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i dont see the problem, if you dont like it turn it off !!!

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Fly low and slow over San Francisco or Los Angeles and you answer you own question. Yes, if done right, photogrammetry is an incredible addition to the flight simming expierence.

Yes but he only fly’s from inside the cockpit @ 30000 ft and doesn’t care for good graphics outside of his cockpit.

Somehow he thinks that everyone is like him and asobo basically made this simulator beautifull for nothing. Also the ga planes are only there for show because everyone’s only flying a320’s at 30000 feet all the time.

Man if only asobo knew this. All this work for nothing.


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