Do you guys see any AI offline traffic any more?

I have tried every setting possible , even turned off windows defender and no traffic on the ground or in the air. Very frustrating but like everything else it will get a fix. Its the only issue I have.
Other than that its Awesome.

No ai traffic.
empty airport.
i dont like to fly alone in the sky. is very egoist.

my server is alway offline wont turn when i start the sim

When AI traffic was working in the sim, I could not believe they had not fixed the problem of arriving traffic having to keep going around because of previous landing traffic taking so long to exit the runway, This was exactly the same way back in FSX. Really all MS/Asobo has to do is open up the SDK more to 3rd party devs so we can have “Ultimate Traffic” & “Traffic Global” & AIG etc.

The SDK itself is open to provide AI traffic. There are just some issues within the Sim that causes problems for AI developers. MS/ASOBO is aware of them already and I am sure they are worked on.

I have no air traffic, nothing.
I see only sea traffic.
I am now flying from EGLL to Zurich. No air traffic on EGLL.

AI offline traffic was working for me on Friday. I used settings from 15-50 and they showed up, at least according to Little Nav Map. Live Traffic has been down for a few days now. There’s a separate thread on that.

can you point me to this thread? thank you

Just take off from EGLL to Zurich and I have zero air traffic, nothing.
Zero air traffic on the ground and in the air.
I see only marine traffic in sea and in the rivers.

New York airports are barren, no traffic at all.

I haven’t seen any live traffic all weekend, even at busy airports like Heathrow.

I always fly with AI Offline traffic, and I both see and hear traffic. Actually I hear way too much traffic all the time so I have to tune away from any center frequency to not go insane but that is the “expedite” bug.

Just did a flight from Toronto CYYZ to LA KLAX not a single AI Live Traffic plane anywhere in the air only parked ones.

Closing topic from August.

There’s a current issue with Online Traffic.