Do you have faith in next week's SIM UPDATE 10 - for XBOX?

That it will allow long flights and they have optimised it memory wise for XBOX.

Next week?

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I’ve been testing SU10 on Series X since the start of the beta period. I don’t really use add ons so can only comment on the ‘vanilla sim’.

General performance and fluidity for me has been excellent - the best it’s ever been on Xbox. Stutters and hitches are now few and far between, even when panning the camera in busy photogrammetry areas.

However, to manage expectations - other beta testers have reported issues with CTDs and black screens. The devs acknowledged in the recent Q and A that there are issues on Xbox with memory management and they are continuing to address these.


I’ve been doing fine on SU9 with quite a few add-ons.

I’m more interested in how SU 11 will do.

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Probably. If they don’t announce a date by the end of today, it’s safe to assume it won’t happen this week.

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We already have a topic on the release date for SU10 and various SU10 Xbox topics on the beta section of the forum so I’m closing this topic.