Do you have Still Stutters after the newest Update

Hello Guys,

I have after the newest Update unfortunaly still Stutters. My settings are on high end and not on ultra. I have also stutters on low and mid settings.
Do you have also still stutters after the Update?

My System.

RTX 2070 S MSI
Ryzen 5 3600
16Gb 3200Mhz DDR 4 Ram.



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I do not have any stutters after the update, mine runs so smoothly after this patch!


OK thanks for your Answere then it must be a problem with my system. I dont know what the issue can be

No stutters. Runs better than ever for me!


Yes I do. No change for me.


The patch has killed performance for me. Knocked off about 20FPS on average.

RTX 3080
Ryzen 5 5600X


We flew in muti 1h20 (Habu with 32GB of memory and me with 16GB)
After one hour for me, it was power point (memory loads and reached 15GB) and Habu 20 minutes later in power point with 25GB of memory used .

Hasn’t changed my usual test flight (caravan at 800 feet down the Thames in Central London).

The patch does point out its airports though which my test isn’t so I guess I can’t complain. Getting 24fps through London on an Rtx3090 and top end PC


It runs ok but for me seemed to be better before. Unlike everbody else I only experienced stutter after sim update 3 until I disabled fullscreen optimisations and render DPI scaling. Once I’d disabled them it was running the best it ever had. I flew for an hour tonight and it was really stuttery taking off from Exeter airport (I use superspuds mod) and then felt a little more sluggish than recent days in the air, although still playable.

Just shows how complex this sim is I guess. 10850k, 32GB 3090, Quest 2 VR user.

Just tried EGKK, previously I had a lot of stutter there. Everything was smooth until I called the p/b then the stutter started like before.

RTX3080 FE
16GB 3200 DDR4

I never saw the stutters until today. Before getting the update, I tested at 76T and saw what everyone was saying. But, after the update, I see no change. The stutters are still there. This is concerning.

Once I get to the Bravo airspace it clears up just as before.

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I still show after the update. This should be, right?


yes should be 1.14.6

So, what gives. I saw the download.

Yes your update is not installed

I see that, but I saw it update. I guess I’ll restart it again and see what happens.

There is Microsoft update store and another one inside MSFS to be activated.

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Some hiccups here and there, but it has improved a lot, it still has not recovered all the lost fps since the uk update.
In big airports like EGLL, you still see fps drops below 30, but I like to push my PC to the limit.

Well done Asobo for a hot fix, now we look forward to gain a little more in the next update.

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What res are you playing in?

It may be the 16gb ram might be worth going to 32gb have seen post before of people having stutters with 16gb ram.
It is possible to see over 20 Gb ram usage by this sim.

Did you get the Store update first? You need that to get the new version i.e. 1.14.6.