Do you plan to add bathymetry to seas and oceans?

Adding bathymetry was among the first features that Lockheed Martin added to first iterations of their Prepar3D. Water depth would add immense detail and also accuracy to the sim. You wouldn’t need to draw your water masks by hand as you’d only need to introduce kind of “landclass” to the near shore sea bottom for different area and depict the depth with light scattering in the water column. That would also open up a whole new level of realism for water planes.

I didn’t know anything about this so ran a quick search. The first thread I found was this:

In fact, flying there is no graphics differences between ON and OFF.

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Our friends at Orbx tell me that unless I am flying submarines this should not be checked and is an FPS killer. Having tried with and without, I agree. Best switched OFF.

I had no idea P3D had submarines! The only thing I could see that might be useful is that it would affect wave height.

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To me the most useful application is really the rendition of near shore areas. They could be amazing if the water had depth. Also, as we say in Russia, a lot of water have flown away since 2012, so water light scattering effects should not cost as much as it was the case back then, especially with DX12 introduction.

I like this idea. It would certainly add depth (forgive the pun) to the water visuals which sometimes look a little flat.


Translucent water close to the shoreline would be a nice use of RTX.


Only if water is being fully simulated as a fluid (which I rather doubt). I think wave state is tied directly to wind state in the sim… What I mean by that is more wind means more waves… Not that more wind is actually interacting with the water surface as it does in real life.

More like wind state 1 = sea state 1, wind state 2 = sea state 2, etc. Not that there is any actual fluid modelling going on.

Unless I missed a cool deep dive story somewhere, I don’t think anyone has ever suggested that the properties of water are truly simulated, and if it is not, then water depth is meaningless to the sim.

The performance hit of modeling the water in that way would be massive.

To be fair, they did report it has a big impact on performance.