Do you really need a 4k monitor

I would never go back from 4k to lower resolutions. 4k is just beautiful !

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The thing that puts me off going ultrawide is the possibility of other software not supporting it fully.

We can hear the ‘Scrunching’ from here,…
and in any case, MSFS 2020 looks pretty good on any old Monitor.

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Most things work fine with an ultra wide. I use a monitor that does 5120 X 1440 @ 120 on 49 inch. In MSFS I turned that down to 3840 X 1080. MSFS doesn’t work so well in windowed mode, but works absolutely fine in full screen.
I still find I need to throw everything at it to get a decent FPS on it though. I am running a AMD 5950 and a 3090.
Wow skews at the sides, but everything else I have tried has works fine

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I doubt this is an extensive list, but I found this while looking for 21:9 supported titles:

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It’s a real word, honest!. Okay if I was being totally correct I’d have said ‘scrunch up’ but in my world such formality is only reserved for royalty.

OK ! ,… Fully understood Your Eminence.

Regards from (nothing Regal about) us.

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I switched my second monitor from 27" 3840x2160 16:9 to 34" 3440x1440 21:9 (slightly taller, lots wider, lower pixel density of 125% vs 200% for UI scaling). No regrets about the resolution for gaming & MSFS in particular – at this time I simply can’t render a full-resolution 4K scene at 30+ fps consistently, so my performance has actually remained the same because I went from 70% display scaling to 100% display scaling for a similar total pixel count.

Some day I hope to upgrade one notch to a 5120x2160 21:9 monitor for sharper text (and better HDR if I can get it) – but I don’t really need it on the gaming monitor, as I can read the avionics well enough in MSFS for now that I can wait until a more powerful GPU is actually available at list price. :wink:

You don’t mention screen size, but in general the larger the screen the more the difference in resolution will be noticeable. I have a 1600P 38” Ultrawide and a 48” 4K OLED. The 1600P resolution is fantastic on a 38” but would start showing some loss of fidelity on a 48”. So to answer the question is 4K necessary it depends on the size of the screen.

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This is not my article I’m just sharing it.

I went from 32" 1440p to 48" 4k oled tv. It’s like I played the sim on Nintendo 8bit before. Amazing experience with 4K!