Do you skip forward or fly real time?

How do you prefer to play? Do you skip forward when flying or allow everything to run real time?

Sim rate 8x on cruise

Fly real-time. but I prefer to do short hops between airports in ga planes.

So if you increase the sim rate how does that effect your flight time on the pilots log?

Didn’t know you could speed up time… thought you can only skip ahead

Didn’t know you could skip ahead and never would use it anyway

real time with no drone cameras

For long trips, I increase sim rate. And on short trips, I fly the whole way

Real Time/ Real Weather/Real MP :slight_smile: but I have no life atm sooo

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I always fly real time but I slew quite often for various reasons, eg to catch up with another player, or to get to the next airport quickly because I have been called for dinner, or because the scenery is a bit boring (desert or something). Cheers.

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Always real time. My days of accelaration are over.

I’ll do realtime when VR is here.
Meanwhile I’m just dicking around because I can’t get into simming through the 2d monitor anymore