Do you still need plugin/drivers?

Just ordered the logitech yoke+throttle, pedals and a couple of modular panels.

Is it still the case that I’ll need to install a plugin/driver, or is installing ghub enough?

Yes. You need.

Lorbys Axis and Ohs, or Logitech.

thank you for confirming

You’re welcome,

I use but I suggest Lorbys Axis and Ohs because of its stream deck support and a lots of scripts

For yoke, throttle quadrant and rudder pedals you don’t need any driver, Windows manage them perfectly.
The most important is to NOT use the Logitech profile application. Anyway it’s inoperative with MSFS and sometime conflictual.
For Spad or Lorbys, I suggest to try “as is” to see if it’s ok for you before spending more money.

oh, i was going to go with just the thing from logitech for simplicity. I’ve just had a quick look at lorbys and it seems pretty complicated to me. so the Logitech version doens’t work at all anymore with msfs? they should maybe put that in the product descriptions? i’ll have to look at spad and see if that’s any easier to understand then.

I was talking about the profile program wich is to bind functions to buttons/axes.
In MSFS you do it directly.
To resume, just install drivers for panels.
Addons like Lorbys or Spad.Next are only necessary for programming special functions or, depending on panel (you didn’t tell model(s) you use) to correct bugs with some planes.
i.e. I use the Multi Function Panel but as I mainly fly GA planes in VFR I don’t need anything else.

ah, now i understand. i’m happy enough just using the panels with their native functions for now to be fair. but looks pretty good if i ever decide that i need more customisation.

i’m still just getting to know basics with the cessna 152 at the moment.

i bought the switch panel for controlling lights, magneto, battery, etc…

i also bought the multi-panel, because once i master the 152 i’m gonna try moving up to something with autopilot, i think the 172 has that. Also, i like the fact that it has a trim wheel on it (i would have preferred a full size separate one, but saitek/logitech don’t make it now, and the only similar thing i could find online cost £100+ another £80 odd shipping to the uk, PLUS any import fees…seemed like a lot for just the trim wheel when i got the multipanel WITH a little trim wheel for £70 online.

i didn’t bother with the radio panels just yet, because i still have no clue about that side of things yet. while i can get the sim to do all that for me, it helps me to focus on the mechanics of actually flying first.

I can’t help with switch panel, I’ve never use it.
For multi-panel the trim wheel works precisely, even it’s sensitive, but I like the “resistance” the wheel have.
As I have it since about ten years, I’ve modify it in a way I think you don’t want to do with a new one.
I’ve cut it to move the trim wheel close to the throttle lever, just under my thumb .
But if you’re interested in a cheap trim wheel, I found a topic today on the forum:

Note that adding another trim wheel doesn’t desactive nor interfere with the panel one, both can be used together. More, I have three pitch trims: Saitek/Logitech for very precise trimming, a big wheel (14cm diameter) looking realistic with adjustable friction on an encoder for general purpose, and a button on joystick for fast trim moving when needed (very useful in bush flights when you need to constantly adjust power and angles).

nice. that actually doesn’t seem too difficult (guy’s already done the hard work, working out whihc parts you need, writign the code etc). Might give this a go for that price!

I use the logitech throttle, yoke, rudder pedals and they work fine with the Windows drivers. The mult-panel needs the driver from Logitech if memory serves.