Do you think a future release of FS2020 will improve the ergonics/flight difficulties?

I’m new to flight simulation and I was really put off by how frustrating the initial experience was.

It appears that Osobo or whatever their name is put all the emphasis on graphics and no emphasis on usuableity or accuracy of the flight experience.

I’ve encountered about 10 issues since I started, but I’ll just mention one here because it’s a biggie.

I found that someone said reducing reactivity in the controls improves the experience. I decreased it to zero and what a difference! I can control the plane now and it doesn’t overreact. Even if this is an attempt to model realism, we have actual pilots here saying it’s not realistic and WAY FRUSTRATING.

Why would they default the “reactivity” to 100%?

So my big question is, before I give up on this software, do you think a future release will fix these kinds of issues? I see posts from last year asking that question, but now that 6 months have passed, is there any new sign?

Hmm… That doesn’t make sense.

What do you mean specifically by “Flight Experience”. Different people could have different experience from the same thing.

Reactivity is about input delays. You move your control once, and it’ll take some time before it registers the action. You decreased to 0? Doesn’t that give you a huge lag? I know it does for me. I always set my reactivity to 100% myself. but I do put deadzone at 10% to avoid phantom inputs coming from my controls. Or even slight movements being registered as valid inputs and just ignore that first 10% movement.

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I quess you mean ergonomics in your title…
Moreover what are the other 9 issues you’ve encountered since the one you mentioned is not really an issue…you already found the way to “fix” it through the sensitivity settings…

Finally, since you are saying that you are new to flight simming, you have to be more patient…and this comes from someone who is into this "hobby’’ for about 20 years. MSFS is less than a year old released product which will have continuous support for the next decade…so all of the current issues, including the rest 9 issues that you mention… will be fixed…
Moreover we have a great tool in our possesion which is called “zendesk” , I have used it several times to report issues to the developers…Try it…
So…just sit back and enjoy the sim…just like the rest of us…

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These kind of threads start to annoy, seriously. I see you’re new to flightsim, so please don‘t feel being attacked here, but I will say it clearly anyway. You’re sitting at a computer. I‘ve been a private general aviation pilot for more than 10 years now, rather 20 years when you ignore breaks and never have I seen any simulator that was even close to something that would be called „flying“. Apart from the fact that nothing is moving most flight models have always been crappy, others were better. A2A for example who build addons for P3D make incredibly detailed systems simulation and hit the flight characteristics extremely well so you can really use their addons as a good preperation for flight training. Still, not even close to real flying, how should they? All reference is visuals only while the most sensitive flight instrument is our body. I don‘t need any instrumentation to fly an airplane in the real world outside. Hardly achievable in the sim. Additionally the sims until now looked terrible, even XP was nothing like MSFS. Better than P3D though but still just a modelled world.

The realism of flight models is up to developers and how carefull or careless they use the features the sim provides. Or whether they create their own simulation environment and just connect it with the sim.

I really suggest you don‘t suck in all the negativity only but enjoy the sim. The flight models of the default (!) planes are not bad. They have flaws, some of their behaviours are incorrect. But those are mainly things you will find disturbing if you‘re a pilot who expects something else but when you‘re not then you wouldn‘t even notice it.

Nothing is frustrating there except this forum at times.

And when people who fly a CRJ or A320 single pilot from gate to gate complain that it‘s not „study level“ then it rather becomes funny than can it be taken serious. A real flight is a bit more than the ability to fly the plane from check-in to check-out.

If you want the real deal then I suggest a pilot license too. It‘s cheaper than a new computer every now and then and all the addons and hardware that you would need to justify complaints about the controls. None of them have the travel the stick or yoke in the real plane has and they have to be translated.

So this probably reads like a rant but below the line it says „have fun with your sim and enjoy what we have, it actually is pretty nicely done for a computer sim“


It’s freakin’ historic, man.

That’s cool. So it’s not a big deal. I think I must have been misled by some other threads. Also as a noob it was very discouraging that flight school modules 2 and 3 don’t work. In module two, the instructor takes control and flies you straight into the ground. In module 3 it refuses to go forward until you adjust the trim but nothing works to adjust the trim, including the very buttons and keys marked “elevator trim” in the control configuration. That kind of thing is a bad out of the box experience. As a professional programmer I would never release a piece of software that buggy.

I watch a YouTube channel called “Pilot Emillie” in which Emillie, obviously a commercial airline pilot, flies in FS2020 and warns from time to time that she is doing something to get around the bugs. Gave me the idea it was buggy software.

Another thing is that all this makes more sense in X-Plane. The flight instruction works, the controls are easy to control. Again, to a noob, when you find one piece of software a breeze, and another piece of software a mess, you tend to think there was something wrong with the other piece of software. Why is the Cessna 172 in X-Plane easy to control and in FS2020 veering all over the place? Which one is “realistic”? Maybe the weather is different.

As a professional user experience designer I think this is all a pretty bad user experience. But what do I know about piloting?

By the way I’m interested in FS2020 for the social experience, the airport realism etc. but I think I might back to X-Plane to learn to fly.

I guess you forget how buggy Xplane 11 was on release…(oh I forgot …you’re a new simmer…)
I haven’t uninstalled Xplane since MSFS was installed on my system however I find it less realistic in terms of aerodynamics in comparison to MSFS…so I am not using it anymore…but this is a personal preference…
Anyway no one is forcing anyone to use a software that they do not like…so I wish you happy flying back in Xplane!

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Dude I was explaining the bugs to the other folks on this thread. If that is what you wanted to say you should have just answered my original question “yes they will be fixed”

If it’s veering all over the place, you need to look to your controls. The 172 doesn’t veer around when I’m flying it.

do you mean look to the hardware or the control settings? Same hardware. Out of the box control settings in X-Plane and FS2020.

What I mean is you aren’t flying it right if you are veering all over the place uncontrollably.

The 172 is actually very stable in flight.

Yes the user interface and the buggy missions etc is another topic. Those things are simply terrible and I agree that they throw a really bad light. I don‘t use them though so I can‘t get into detail there. I only use the airport selection and go flying. And that is quite good, except those things I wrote about above.

I haven‘t cared much about the default XPlane Cessna. Tried it once, found it weird, let it go. But I didn‘t take the time to really get to know it. Default aircraft have in my experience always been simplifked versions of what‘s possible in the sim. That‘s why I mentioned A2A and other developers. MSFS however is the first sim in a long row where I actually got to enjoy some of the default planes and have flown them for more than 100 hours. The Dv20 is really not bad, the C152 is pretty good out of the box as well as the mods for the 152, VL3 and the DA40 and 62 make the planes absolutely worthwhile. Their behaviour is not 100% correct, I don‘t think any flightsim will be able to do that in the closer future. There was a soaring sim called Condor and it was extremely good. But there were simply situations that were incorrect. In MSFS yaw is a big concern, propeller and flaps drag too. But when you plan ahead and keep this flaw in mind you can still make great flights.

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I have to admit that I thought ergonics was some sort of aviation term I was unfamiliar with. Had to laugh at myself on that one. Now its off to the Autozone to see if they have any blinker fluid:)

There’s been quite a lot of research in other threads about this and we’ve basically come to two conclusions.
a) Inertia and aerodynamic damping is not correctly modelled in FS2020
b) To compensate for this, Asobo have added a control delay (on some aircraft)

XP11 doesn’t have this problem hence why the aircraft handle more naturally.

Please keep posts on topic and not on each other. We ask that our forum members remember to treat each other with courtesy and respect.

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I am just not comfortable with the word ergonics. :sunglasses:

To me who only got into flight sims when heard about MSFS and got xplane11 to learn the basics.
I only flew default aircraft and 1 so called more realistic ga plane and must say there isn’t much difference to me, in the way that default planes handle in each sim.

Try it in VR…

That’s how JFK Jr. ended up dead. #justsayin

:100: :100: :100:

VR only here.

To fly, not to navigate.

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