Dock tie-down?

It would be nice to tie down your float plane so it doesn’t drift away with the wind.

Yeah, tie-down and/or anchor (like the Beaver can) for all float planes would be great!

Already requested;

Just use active pause. It’s it’s one clear use

  • it freezes your position in the (edit) horizontal plane but nothing else. Like an anchor.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

as a workaround, right?

Not in functional terms, no. (With a caveat) I say this having scripted an ‘anchor’ function for several of the float planes using the freeze lat-long sim event.

Pressing the active pause button has identical effect it’s probably the same simevent and why it’s no use in the air as it doesn’t actually pause the SIM, just freezes the aircraft position.

This works just the same as a simulated anchor.

The caveat is that just as with a real anchor, your position is fixed to one point and the aircraft will swing into the wind (there being no tides or current) around it’s anchor point.

For being tied up alongside a jetty active pause is less realistic as then you would have fore and aft lines to hold you alongside to prevent any swinging. Or in sim terms have the aircraft heading frozen as well as the lat-long. Active pause won’t do that for you.

If you want a switch to flick in the VC or some animations, then that’s more of a question for the aircraft devs.

I did not know about the Beaver’s anchor! How do you drop the anchor?

EDIT: Found it! Have to use the iPad.