Where do I go to find documentation on default aircraft.

Bing works. For Cessna 152 POH

Unfortunately there is no documentation. For information on flying the provided aircraft, others have found Pilot Operating Handbooks on the Internet to give them some idea of how the aircraft is flown. This is a little overkill when you consider they are default aircraft and only have minimum functionality but that how it is, I’m afraid.


There isn’t any. Shamefully. The only proper documentation is the SoFly product which is a few quid.

I’d be inclined to work your way through the GA aircraft.

Figure out the Basic Autopilot in the C172, the 6 button basic display one, which seems to work reasonably well and is fairly simple, youtube videos - anything, X-Plane, FSX will help here as well.

Transfer that knowledge to the fancier glass cockpits which broadly work the same.

Then figure out VOR and ADFsand DME which seem to work apart from some issues with audibility distance (this may only be Tiree, the only one I’ve used …)

Then try some flight planning with the GA aircraft, and maybe try the Turboprops and small jets. I don’t know what state these are in. There’s supposed to be a good mod for the Caravan ? Not sure if it fixes the avionics bugs which may be common.

Then see what sort of state the airliners are in. There might be fixes coming Tuesday. If not, people recommend the A32NX add on which I haven’t tried (but can’t be worse).

I can’t agree with this “not study level” excuse. I don’t think anyone expected Asobo to produce study level aircraft where virtually every button is operational.

I don’t have any problems with some of the missing functionality on the aircraft, FSX had shedloads missing, what I object to is that the functionality that is there doesn’t work properly. I’d rather have simpler FSX type planes that had less functionality but that worked.

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Thank you.

Thank you Paul, very informative.

Thank you.

I’d take a look at the guides section of this forum for some very useful written and video guides on getting the most from this sim.

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I honestly don’t know what Microsoft were thinking when they produced a complex piece of software costing £90 or more and then didn’t even bother to include a manual or any meaningful instructions.

That may be less importanf for an experienced simmer like me, but how many new users are going to give up because they have no idea how to operate it?


Maybe they thought it would be better to let their users find all that information elsewhere bit by bit instead of producing a manual that would make the product even more expensive. A manual that few people would read anyway.

The entire gaming industry has long since abandoned comprehensive manuals because they’re not worth the effort and cost. Instead they include short tutorials to get people started (FS2020 has that too), and leave the rest to the community forums.

This approach is far superior to a traditional manual, IMHO.

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A printed manual may be too expensive to produce, but an online manual would have been helpful.

Actually, it was an online manual that I had in mind. That, too, would be expensive to produce.

Through the site, you can purchase So fly’s “A guide to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020”. I have purchased it and the updates are free. I recommend this publication, printable as well. I only print out the parts which I need to reference.

Additionally, excellent How to guide in the "Guides section of this forum on 787 and how to make it work. It’s very involved. But it shows how to setup the plane in AP etc. His instructions are different than others have mentioned, and I have tested and it works well. All the planes are still buggy, with Boeing’s being the most buggy. Happy Flying.

Indeed. I can’t see how compared to the cost of the simulator and everything around it, producing this would be that expensive. “Just relying on forum posts” is not acceptable.

It also creates work, because half the systems don’t work properly anyway, so someone trying to fly it won’t know if it’s them or not, generating spurious bug reports. I’ve just watched a video of a real A320 pilot trying to figure out what does and doesn’t work ; what chance do we have ?

FWIW - I know FSX came with built in documentation and help very extensive. I don’t know if the other ones do. The largest failing of this sim is NO DOCUMENTATION.
I have better things to do, than look at hundreds if not thousands of videos on YT to learn how this works. Very large failing having no documentation. That the logbook is a mess, deletes flights, and other bugs makes the whole thing almost more trouble than it’s worth. Then I hurt wrist so cannot use JS now, and not sure when I will be able to. So spent about 4.5K last year on FS stuff (new laptop, throttle quadrant & new Virpil FSX Grip/base/bracket) and now cannot use any of it. Total unacceptable situation for me. That all the planes/ATC/AP, etc. is buggy makes it more work than I want to expend now.

If you purchase the CD version of the product, it comes with a manual. I don’t know why they didn’t make this available to the rest of us as a PDF.

FWIW, some great tutorials on Youtube as well. Top notch on aircraft, navigation, sim tuning, etc. Especially for the A320NX.

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Not an excuse but one reason for not producing comprehensive documentation might be that the sim is still in flux. It was released in a “beta” state and is “evolving” as a result of Community feedback. Maybe once it is “solid”, documentation might start to be produced for the product.

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I bought the CD version and can say that this “manual” is completely worthless. The beautifully bound booklet with 73 pages contains 3 chapters:

  • Activation,
  • Premium Deluxe planes
  • Premium Deluxe Airports

That’s it. There is no manual, just some technical data on the aircraft (Premium only) and some data on the airports (also only the Premium ones)
There is a photo on most pages, that takes up half the page.
LittleNavMap has a lot more to offer (for free)

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Thanks for the feedback.

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