Does adding scenery have negative fps impact?

Title of the topic is my question. I’m thinking about adding some scenery to PNG, mainly user-made grass strips from and started wondering if doing this would have a negative fps impact … I’m using VR btw.
Thanks for y’all’s input!

Normally no impact,give it a try.You don’t have anything to loose.


It depends on how big a scenery, how well they are made, and your system.
Generally a small grass strip would have little impact.

Using the FlyTampa Vegas scenery I’ve only noticed a slight hiccup/pause when entering the cityscape visual range on final approach. It lasted for all of 2 seconds then the sim was back to running butter smooth! For me the sim runs all of the freeware and payware scenery I have smooth.
Even the traditional FSX/P3D problematic areas such as CDG, KLAX,KMIA,NYC/JFK and the notorious CYYZ Toronto Pearson area. MSFS is very impressive in terms of addon scenery performance for me. In older sims these areas were hell just to descend into with default airports…let alone rendering them in VR!

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Very much depends on the scenery. Adding a grass strip and maybe a couple small buildings and wind sock to a rural area won’t have effect at all. Replacing an entire urban core area with custom models, emissive lighting and shadow effects, replacing all the stock “block” bridges with custom-modeled structures, traffic, lighting, etc? That will definitely have an impact. On a higher end system, you might not notice it unless you have a frame-rate monitor going and do comparisons in the same traffic/weather conditions, but on a mid- or lower-end system from several years ago you will DEFINITELY notice it.

Thanks for the input. When the sun comes back up in Papua New Guinea (PNG) I think I’ll add some grass strips then.


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